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Pregnancy & Exhaustion


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I am finding this pregnancy to be extremely exhausting compared to my first. I couldn't work now if I tried, even part time. I have to take a nap with my 2 year old every day and by 8pm I am totally pooped out again. I don't have the energy to exercise or do much of anything, I feel happy to just sit there all day! However, I am trying to stay as active as I can- we are doing swimming lessons with Ethan and we play outside a lot, etc...but it is getting hot here in FL and a 10 minute walk makes me feel like I could sleep for days.

I am wondering if this level of exhaustion is more related to POTS or just normal pregnancy fatigue? Or having an active toddler combined with that? I am 32 weeks along now. I have never experienced pregnancy without POTS, so I don't know what it should feel like. I know that after Ethan was born, I started having chronic fatigue that I had never experienced prior to that, and it has just been exacerbated by this pregnancy. I've also gained 60 lbs. already so I am not getting around easily LOL!! I am just gald my POTS is under control (BP and HR have been normal since the end of the first trimester when I went back on the beta blocker).

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I didn't have POTS with my pregancies (at least I don't think) anyways my second pregnancy was alot more tiring then my first, and my third was better than my second, I was becoming a pro at it by that time.. The first one I could just worry about taking care of me and than my second I also had to keep up with an active 2-1/2 yr. old. I remember being real exhausted. I don't have much experience in the POTS area so I would think pregnancy alone is tiring and than add POTS, I can't imagine. Just get all the rest you can before the baby comes.


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I haven't had a second child yet, but I do hear that your second, third, etc., pregnancies bring much more fatigue than the first. I don't know if this is because of having to already take care of a child, or if this is a physiological thing -- maybe both. Then POTS on top of that probably makes it even worse.

Hang in there and rest when you need to.


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