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off topic but could use some help


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for those of you who cant shower or bathe, what have u used to clean yourself? i use a no soap body wash that is specifically for the bedridden and doesnt need water, but i have a bad problem with flaky skin, i know its a build up of dead skin and i hate it! it makes me feel so dirty, i have been trying alpha hydroxy body lotion since that's supposed to get under the layers of skin, but do any of you know of any other products, washes or lotions that will help get rid of the dead skin, without actually showering? thanks for any input


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Try using a loofah brush of some kind. It's great for exfoliating dry skin. You don't have to wet it. Just use it dry and start from your feet and work your way up the body, always making brush strokes towards the heart. This is great for getting rid of dead skin and also allows your skin to detoxify.

You may also want to have your parents or a friend ask about getting a little bedside tub/sponge bath unit that nursing homes and hospitals use for the elderly or sick who cannot take regular showers or baths. I am not sure exactly how they work, but I know there's something like this out there.

Have you tried getting someone to help you out of a wheelchair and lower you into a tub with lukewarm water to bathe?

My prayers are with you Radha.


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If you are unable to , can you get someone to help you bathe on your bed. All they need is a large bowl of water, soap, several wash clothes and towels. I used to work in a nursing home and we did this everyday. You just bathe or have someone bathe you as normal and then rinse off with a wet clothe and dry. We put towels underneath the person where we were bathing them to keep the bed from getting wet. This is also good for your circulation. It might take awhile to do it , you might have to take many breaks, and it might be something that you can do a few times a week . Just my suggestion. I sit in a shower on a plastic yard chair and use a shower nozzle. Sometimes I do get very tired and just have to sit there or get my husband to help finish. Also, the cooler the water I can stand the better I tolerate it. I wish you the best.


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Hi Radha,

I just wanted to mention that the alpha hydroxy is probably making your skin flakey and the lotion build up is probably part of what you are seeing as flakes. I have used the large body wash cloths available at drug stores. They have a built in cleanser and are slightly moist. They smell nice and do not leave a lot of residue build up. They are sort of like a giant baby wipe, but for adults.


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i know this sounds funny, but i would suggest doing what purplefocus suggested but add one thing. get some cheap cloth on one side, heavier scrubbing other side kitchen pads and use taht to wash with, GENTLY use the scrubbing side on your skin with a higher quatily bath soap, like cetaphil(sp?) even baby wash.

hope it helps,


ps get 2 or 3 baby crib moisture liners and put them underneath you as you wash, no wet bed.

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