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Weird: Mega Stress & Total Body Muscle Cramping ?

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Cant figure this out, first time its happened. I DO get stressed out, but of course like you guys ive learned to control flares. FIrst sign of the usual headache, weak vertigo, breathing problems, racing heart I try to lay down quickly.

But ive been working an easy 8 hour a day clerk job and im overjoyed to be back at work. Im two months in, and basically handling it ok with no major problems. My miracle drug Klonapin to the rescue if i start feeling like a sheet of glass vibrating to rap music.

Last night for the first time I got totally stressed out----customers yelling, high pressure, very busy.

And my bodys muscles completely cramped up like i just finished a marathan and was dehydrated. But I'd been

drinking plenty of water all night.

Any ideas? Salt doesnt help me a lot, but maybe i need to reconsider. Maybe i was on my feet too long?

My immune system is shot and maybe it released adrenaline or someething.

Any ideas why my whole body would cramp up?????

Im missing something.

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Partial dysautonomia as diagnosed cleveland clinic, major sympathetic nervous system breakdown, immune system probably severely depleted and gut flora whacked, treated for parasites, major adrenal misfunction (hydrocortisone), pancreas numbers way down, prone to major PVC and wild swings in blood pressure and pulse, low resting pulse (below 50), fibromyalgia diagnosis (eye problems), vertigo, syncope, severe vertigo,

weakness, complete heat intolerance, severe excercise intolerance although I can walk an hour a day at a slow pace often,

severe late onset food allergies, peanuts, milk, eggs, suspected celiac disease but no positive test yet, negative test for lyme although ive had all the classic symptoms,

-using vitamins d, b, b12, folic acid, bee propolis, magnesium, iron,

--swimming seems to help me immeasurably

-need klonapin to function although i never feel a 'buzz'

-breathing problems intermittent

-diagnosed significant sleep apnea

-weight gain although im working on lowering that

-sclerodoma like skin peeling, dry skin, and occasional rash

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I experienced with the surge of adrenaline sore cramping leg muscle and just overall felt worse. The stress of the rude customers combined with holding your tounge is a bound to lead to a release of adrenaline. The longer I subjected my self to the abuse the worse it got. This is any stressful and loud situation. As well as I know they say fibro/Dysautonomia isn't progressive my has since it first started bit maybe it will settle down. Rest relax and next rude customer you get make up some lame reason you need to get them talk to the person over you and wash your hands of them.

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Spinner, you are one heck of a fighter. I dont' know how you work with all of that. Bless your heart!

The only suggestion or thought I have is you might have gotten a bit low in HC? I used to have to take it for years, but was healed of it. Thank you Jesus. I know whenever I needed some, I'd have this weird muscle cramp or pain in my stomach. I have no idea if that compares to what you had, but just wanted to throw that out there.

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Thanks guys.

I ended up in the ER last night (which i avoid at all costs). I'll get my adrenal number later, the other labs were ok, but i had syncope and

could barely move.

YES, i popped a hydrocortisone pill before going over there and felt better after a couple hours. As usual my resting pulse rate was under 50.

My blood pressure was high when i got there 140/95 and an hour later plummeted to 105/65.

AGREED, there may be some connection to faulty adrenals trying to pump out adrenaline and the muscle cramps........

I hadnt thought of that.

Maybe thats what threw me over the edge----adrenals pumped out what they could and then i completely crashed with nothing

in reserve.

I had gone home from work, felt very sick after the stress and cramping, went to bed, woke up a few hours later desperately sick.

Popped a hydrocortisone, stumbled into the ER, and was released this morning. They said to call in for the HC AM number.

I wish i hadnt taken the pill because Im curious how low my adrenal level went. They didnt keep me because doc said i wasnt in

any kind of addisonian crisis. Maybe thanks to the pill.

Its all part of the process of managing these flares. I can go a couple months. But if i get stressed big time i break down

like an old camaro.

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I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. I say kudos to you for even working in the first place, but I know (with me at least) the littlest thing can set me off. I can't really give any advice, can only share experience. I hope that you find out what it is and get some relief soon.

I think I've experienced something similar early on. It happened during my first episode and my facial muscles would tighten up and I would talk funny. My husband would always know that something was wrong by the way I spoke. A few times this happened and not only did my face tighten up, but my thighs/legs (even to the touch, they felt taut) did as well. The first time, I wasn't under stress other than I didn't know what was going on with my body. The next few times, I was under stress but not an inordinate amount; I was driving my kids somewhere and when I got there I was all locked up. It was very weird. I also had other symptoms, rising bp, fast hr, sweating, shaking, etc. I was put on Xanax a while back. I don't know how you feel about anti anxiety meds, but I tell you, I really think that is the only thing keeping me somewhat sane and able to do some of the things I normally couldn't do before, ie: driving.

Hope you get some answers!

Be well,


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Definitely sounds like you were on the verge of a full blown Addison crisis. It can be scary stuff, so I'm glad you made it into the ER ok. You can't think right or anything at all. I can't tell you what to do, so ask your doctor about what dose would have been appropriate in your situation. I learned from several failed attempts that if I got that bad, I always needed quite a lot more than I thought to pull through. We can't give medical advice, so please run this by the doc prescribing your HC.

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