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  1. I go through bouts of insomnia and hypersomnia,I found adderall to be the only way I can get out of bed, I take it then approx an hour to a hour and a half I can get out of bed and make it to the couch. I know a lot of it has to donwith the oain and not but if I dont get my morning dose of meds I won't make it out of bed until after 2. There are still periods where I sleep 20 hrs a day and periods I go days without sleep. The adderall helps but definitely hasn't fixed it.
  2. Sorry so late, have had a rough 5 days. It sounds a lot like what I went through. It is hard, but do Google scholars search and print what you find. A lot of my pain they say is from fibro. Have you read any into fribro.
  3. I hope you get some help soon. I have had the worst luck. My gp actually fired me last week when I finally came back from Vanderbilt saying I was too complicated and time consuming and I needed to find another doctor. To add insult to injury he had to add he doesn't believe I had anything but anxiety and only women get fibromyalgia and I wasn't flexible enough to have EDS3 . All of my diagnosis came from specialists he sent me to, but he still disagreed. I should have stopped seeing him a long time ago. Btw how are you presenting that is such a challenge.
  4. I hate it , just got back from new doctor today and they act like they have no idea what I've been diagnosed with. Still no treatment and get another appointment a month away. I cant belive this is such a mysterious affliction.
  5. I experienced with the surge of adrenaline sore cramping leg muscle and just overall felt worse. The stress of the rude customers combined with holding your tounge is a bound to lead to a release of adrenaline. The longer I subjected my self to the abuse the worse it got. This is any stressful and loud situation. As well as I know they say fibro/Dysautonomia isn't progressive my has since it first started bit maybe it will settle down. Rest relax and next rude customer you get make up some lame reason you need to get them talk to the person over you and wash your hands of them.
  6. Before starting any medication my hands were turning blue so cold. Ended put getting a ct scan looking for a magical extra rib because my doctor said he couldn't get a pulse down at my wrist when he had me raise my arm. Still get cold hands and felt but has gotten better with some of medicine. There wasn't a third rib or anything. It was one of those preliminary shot in the dark my doctor looked for.
  7. I'm not sure if were talking about the same feeling. The best way I can explain how it feels to me is that my entire body experiences time passing slower than my mind is. I have an over whelming pressure in my head and my hearing is either dulled or ringing. Kinda like moving in slow motion, I turn my head fast but has a deleyed time to visualize the changes. Like I have limited control over it and at any time I am not going to be able to keep my balance. Really bad when making quick position changes from squating or sitting ti standing. Hate to use a video game analogy but when you hit too m
  8. It is difficult not to have answers, even worse when you know and can't get doctors to listen. My diagnosis of HYPERANDRENIC POTS came from the increased heart rate and blood pressure upon upright and exaggerated with exertion. There's a way to also check the levels of response of you autonomic nervous system while in the the positions of laying down,sitting up and standing. Since they left me hooked up to the ekg and the monitors showed dramatic increase she didn't feel like it was necessary to also check the blood work. I can go from 75bpm sitting to 130+bpm just standing even on several bet
  9. I agree. One why we are treated so bad and second why do so many of us have to diagnose ourself then fight to be believed again.
  10. I was trusting the old anxiety dx without a know as the old doctor put it. I was told if I just believe him it would all go away. I guess part of me was hoping he was right. I was so convinced I started asking that he commit me because I was getting worse.
  11. https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/74753_306330309481579_12591441_n.jpg Above is one of the sheets from the test, its 272 but it hit 275 . Mine was during a stress test. It was the same feeling I got whenever I exert myself. I did get a heart cath. Everything wss normal untill he administered the drug then my heart rate went super tachy. I dont exercise and the exact reason was never given but got the diagnosis of hyperadreneric pots.
  12. It was the extended release. This was before I knew what was wrong I might have overcome the initial effects if I kept with it. I just didn't like the way I felt with it. But every body is different. It may help. I am still trying to find something that helps. I've even taken as much as 200mg of metroprolal and still have bad svt. I still hope that the next combination of medicine will be the one that helps. I figure none of it will kill me so why not try whatever the doc gives me. I guess its just the desperation but so tired of hurting. Would give anything to have a break from this.
  13. I was unfocused and distractions would keep me up late at night. For the short time I had it I can't say for sure it got my heart rate up but as I remember it felt like my chest was going to explode .
  14. The whole process took about a year from the er visit, to a actual dx and treatment. I wish I would have been a little more aggressive since I settled for way to many "increase water and salt" before I decided to try medication. I guess my experience is a bit different in that I have had issues/disability since childhood, and things were very gradual over the years. It was easy to ignore worsening symptoms, and it wasn't till I was fainting multiple times a day that I decided to seek help. Looking back I can see how it was slowly affecting me for years. Although I always was told I was fine I
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