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  1. Before TheMorning, I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I have had tinnitus my whole life it seems. Mine has gotten worse over the years, especially after my POTS dx. It seems as though mine gets going in the afternoon too and really bad at night. I either watch my NOOK or listen to music to go to sleep. It is quite annoying. I've also noticed somewhat of a hearing loss as now I have to resort to lip reading (which can be quite awkward depending on with whom I'm speaking!) and I have to put CC on the TV lest my poor family has to repeat everything everyone says. So sorry, I have no
  2. When you're lying in bed with insomnia and you suddenly begin to smell the coffee start brewing for the next morning...
  3. Spinner, I've often wondered about this in the past. Don't know how reliable the following is, but thought I'd share. At home saliva test: http://www.candidasupport.org/test_saliva.html
  4. Yes, and I agree with all the above. For the last two days, my chest has been more painful than usual (I have this daily) and my left arm hurts as well, kinda a muscle ache, tingly, numbing feeling, hard to explain. Sometimes it goes up my neck (carotid area) and sometimes wraps around under my arm and into my back. One EP I had actually told me this has nothing to do with my heart or POTS. I've gotten remarks ranging from, "You're too young to have heart problems" to "Maybe it's the underwire in your bra" to "Maybe you pulled a muscle." Responses in my head when I heard the above remarks, "Yo
  5. Screaming headache and a nose that won't stop running :(

  6. When your husband writes "I know you've been feeling run down and crappy the last several days, probably borrowed against your spoon supply while on vacation." in his daily, morning email message.
  7. When doing a load of laundry and actually washing it, drying and folding it and you feel as though you've climed Mt. Everest, yet you haven't left the laundry room. When you have an old person's pill box and you're middle aged (or younger) When you have post it notes all over the house as reminders to do everything. When watching a movie over and over is no big deal because you can't remember what happened the first time you watched it! It's new every time When your husband asks, "Do you have any spoons left for me?" or "Don't use all your spoons today, please try to save some for me" Sadly,
  8. It is quite sad to think about when ticking off most of the boxes. FYI, I've used this list and the lists I've found online including the one found on Dinet.org to make a chart of my symptoms. I have five columns based on frequency: Always (Daily), Frequently (4-6x/week), Sometimes (1-3x/week), Rarely/Never, and Don't Know. It is my hope that I can take this to the dr. and show him more precisely what I'm experiencing without having them ask and me having to spend thirty minutes going over all my symptoms; plus, this doesn't leave anything out so I don't have to remember everything or worry ab
  9. Great list! I'm going to print it out and use it, if you don't mind. Sadly, I can tick off almost all of them Your list is quite comprehensive. The following are some of my symptoms that I didn't notice listed (obviously, your list is not intended to be my list of symptoms )Did I miss diarrhea and other GI issues ie: little to no appetite, attic/basement gas, constipation, symptoms worse after large meal? How about weight gain/loss? I know you mentioned hr 130+, how about tachycardia >30bpm or bradycardia? How about reduced libido? Hypotension or Hypertension? Night sweats? Anxiety is
  10. Have a screaming headache along with the usual symphony of tinnitus...UGH!

  11. Feeling stressed!!

  12. I'm like Angela and k&ajsmom, long time smoker with hubby that smokes too. Sometimes I think they do make me feel a bit yucky, so I've cut back a lot. Have my morning few and then don't usually have too many during day, then when hubby comes home, I have a few more. I smoke much less now though than I did. I don't really feel that they make a difference one way or the other. I do want/need to quit, but it's hard with having another smoker in the house. We don't smoke indoors either. I had an acupuncturitst that was using acupuncture on himself to help him to stop smoking. He said he had do
  13. I've had the mirena for about 7 years (got it changed in the 5th year). After the initial bleeding, I too have not had a period since! It's been wonderful. I still have POTS symptoms and don't seem to have hormonal imbalances that I know of. Prior to the mirena I was on bc for about 11 years. Westermass, interesting that you mention a decreased libido. I've had this for some time now, but I think mine is due to medication, because I didn't really have this problem before I got sick and I wasn't aware that mirena could lower one's sex drive..
  14. Canadiangirl, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with idiotic doctors. Unfortunately, I (and many others on this site) know all too well what you are going through. My second opinion EP (in the next county up) was supposedly an "expert" and I got pretty much the same treatment as you did. He concurred with the original dx of POTS however said I had a "mild case" since I didn't faint. That right there should've told me that this dr. wasn't worth my time. I then went into all the other symptoms I was having as per Dinet.org information that the original dx dr. gave me and he told me that none o
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