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Caribbean Vacation?!... Check!!

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Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you POTSie peeps what I've already shared with my other fellow POTSies on The POTS Treatment Center Facebook page... SOOO elated!!!...

I just have to share!! I went on a cruise recently to gorgeous Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel with my friends. As I look through all of our vacation photos, I can’t help but remember how POTS and NCS would not have allowed me such a tropical vacation just a few short years ago.

The old me would have gotten dizzy, nauseated and on my way to unconsciousness within 15 minutes of being in the heat, but the new me was able to lounge on the deck in the Caribbean sun for hours without a glimpse of a problem. The old me would have fainted within a 20 minutes of the slow, guided tour of a 2-story historical mansion with no central AC in Jamaica, and definitely would have been sitting in the car while everyone shopped and browsed! Not the new me! I didn’t even wear compression hose!! But, I did do my breathing exercises so my feet wouldn’t start to swell.

(History...) For me, most of my trouble starts with my HR. If I keep my HR normal, then the domino effect doesn’t build into the laundry list of random ailments that used to plague me. I thought I was falling apart! Turns out, having a faulty Autonomic System causes all kinds of things to go haywire. By getting to the root cause, I was able to surface from the pool of symptoms I was drowning in. I am frequently reminded of how far I’ve come in combating POTS and NCS and how grateful I am to Dr. K and The POTS Treatment Center for giving me my life back! Thank you, Dr. K! You're a lifesaver!!

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Im glad you found biofeedback helpful.

I personally dont prescribe to the theory that in POTS the problem is merely the autonomic system being out of whack and needing retraining. Biofeedback however may be helpful for some to calm down exaggerated sympathetic responses, tachycardia or induce parasympathetic function.

POTS in some at least is a physiological illness with physiological mechanisms just like essential hypertension or thyroid disease. There is strong evidence of these abnormalities. A large subset may have an autonomic neuropathy or abnormal norepinephrine transporter expression - problems that are poorly understood.

But facebook does have some positive reports about the POTS treatment Centre (cost $5,000) and the new CCSVI guys in California ($10,000) based purely on anecotal information.

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