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  1. I think the standing up is like the next challenge since the transition from sitting to standing is so hard for us. Learning how to be successful on the software while sitting and then standing to learn to maintain control even with your change in posture. It is a big deal. Also, she addresses diet, exercise, overall wellbeing mentally as well as physically, other conditions and diseases you may be suffering from, etc. For example, she got me to quit smoking and start eating better. She treats you as a whole.
  2. Hi looneymom, Things are going well! Thanks for asking!! I actually still go to The POTS Treatment Center for maintenance since I'm local. I didn't do the 2-week program like so many others have. Spark is an energy drink made by Advocare. I don't pay attention to the nutrition panel (I probably should) but I like it because it doesn't made my HR jump, it doesn't make me feel anxious and I don't crash later. I use the breathing and relaxation techniques Dr. K taught me to fall asleep. She also has CDs available. I just do what bits I can from memory (with her accent and everything!) I
  3. Hi Alex, Honestly, I don't know of different types of POTS. I'm sorry I can't answer that question better. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question? As far as treatment, I got help from The POTS Treatment Center in Dallas. My customized program affected my diet, stress management, sleep habits, exercise, breathing, etc. Hi ramakentesh, Thanks for the clarification. That sounds reasonable to me. I was dealing with high HR and low BP primarily. I am not familiar with all the various diagnoses POTSies can be diagnosed with, but I can't help but believe that POTS causes a myriad of other dy
  4. Hey guys! I just wanted to share with you POTSie peeps what I've already shared with my other fellow POTSies on The POTS Treatment Center Facebook page... SOOO elated!!!... I just have to share!! I went on a cruise recently to gorgeous Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel with my friends. As I look through all of our vacation photos, I can’t help but remember how POTS and NCS would not have allowed me such a tropical vacation just a few short years ago. The old me would have gotten dizzy, nauseated and on my way to unconsciousness within 15 minutes of being in the heat, but the new me was able
  5. I'm so sorry, guys! I didn't realize anyone responded to my post! Well, let's see... My symptoms started to fade within a couple of weeks of seeing Dr. K. I started out seeing her twice a week. My symptoms continued to fade over the next couple of years. My brain fog was the last one to improve. My migraines and the numbness in my limbs were the first ones to fade. I will say though that it took me a while to implement all the aspects of Dr. K's program that she customized for me. Example: I didn't stop smoking until a year or so into my treatment. Dr. K is the only treatment I've ha
  6. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is feeling fairly well today! I just wanted to pause for a moment and show gratitiude for help that I've found with my POTS and NCS symptoms. I've had a few reminders lately about how our symptoms can plague us and, rather than going on about my day and dismissing the reminders, I'm compelled to share with anyone who's in the market for some positivity. I was coming back from lunch in my car today and noticed that the thermostat read 104 degrees. I started thinking how that heat used to put me on my back. Literally. The Texas heat used to make me so sick, an
  7. What a great video! Thank you!! I should send the link to all my past "doctors" and friends so they understand POTS.
  8. Hi guys, I hope everyone is feeling pretty good today! Jodi Rhum has posted 2 videos to The POTS Treatment Center's Facebook page if anyone is curious about the program there. They are her impressions from her daughter's progress with Dr. Kyprianou's program. It's informative and wonderful to hear another perspective of the program. Jodi also wrote a book called POTS Together We Stand: Riding the Waves of Dysautonomia, so that's also wonderful to have more resources for us when trying to understand what's going on with our bodies! The videos can be found at: and http://www.youtube.com/wa
  9. I understand how many of us have become jaded from so many doctors who didn't care enough to even Google POTS so they could understand what we were going through, but I would hate to see anyone discouraged from considering Dr. K's program because of the skepticism of others! I'll admit that I was skeptical going in for my first appointment at the POTS Treatment Center, but that didn't last long. I didn't want to patch the problem, I wanted to address the underlying cause, which is what Dr. K's program does. She treats the whole person. The program isn't simply biofeedback. She is working
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