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Tired of POTS!

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:lol: Im in the military and so is my husband, I was diagnosed with POTS about 8 months ago. My symptoms are really severe and I feel as if there is no one out there who has a clue! Does anyone else have difficulty standing? walking? It seems as if my dear husband has to do so much. My Doctor said I am unable to drive, so that puts more of a pressure. I feel relieved that its not fatal or a worse disease, but does POTS leave anyone else as frustrated as I am?
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Welcome to the site. Feel fre to ask about anything, might help us to know what you have and haven't tried, and where you are, mabey we can suggest docs to see.

Standing and walking can be alot of trouble, I'm have the same stuff right now. Does your blood pressure drop? There are tons of things to try on the what helps page, just look to the left on the home page. There are what helps, what harms, doc listings and basic info for you, and I copy alot for my docs too, they(most of them)like the info.

best of luck, and again welcome,


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Sorry to hear your having such a hard time. POTS is very fustrating. Everything seems to be trial and error for me. I was recently dx and meet with my neurologist for treatment on the 24th so I don't have much advise but I'm glad to hear you have a supportive husband. I also have been sick for 8 months and my husband has taken over everything. We have 3 kids 6,3,&1 and he is now the head of the household. I used to do everyhting, I was the controlling type. I had to let go of my control and hand it over to my supportive husband. How is your husband holding up? I know it can start to wear on them. I have found if I give an effort on the days I can he really appreciates it. I also support him by making sure he gets his daily workout in. He calls it his 1hr venting time.

does your husband go on leave or is he with you most of the time? My husband is a Milwaukee Firefighter so he works 24hr. on 48 off. The 48off is great but the 24 on usually *****. I get alot of anxiety before his shift because I get scared I can't keep up with the kids but GOD always seems to get me through or send help my way on those days.

I think there should be a website for husbands/caretakers because they need to vent to. My husband holds it all in like nothings wrong. But I'm sure being 28 and having no social life for 8 months has to be getting to him since summer is coming around again. Well I wish you luck and if your husband needs to vent or talk with someone I can give him my husbands email. If you need to vent you could also email me personally daynamartinez@aol.com

Take care


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We all have periods where we feel frustrated and powerless because we cannot control our life anymore. It takes a while to get adjusted to our new lifestyle and accept to let go of what we lost.

It is a daily healing process.


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Frustrated is one way to put it. Yes I have difficulty walking and standing (ex:grocery store lines). It's one of those conditions that they can't cure so it's kind of up to each of us to find things that work for us. Medications seem to work for awhile then lose their effectiveness. I am so sick of being sick. I feel like a drain on my faimily. They come home from doing something and I'm in my usual spot on the couch. I can no longer drive either. To lose our independence is the worst. I have found I have an occasional good day and then I tend to over due. I understand your frustration. It may be helpful to journal what you eat, your activities, the weather outside (barometric pressure seems to have some effect) and see if you can find any thing that is correlations.

Good Luck- You're not alone.


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