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Hormones & Estrogen & Pms ..oh My


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So over the last two days I have slid back down hill drastically. I went from sorta functional saturday to havent even been outta bed in 2 days. Horrible flutters and adrenaline all those yucky symptoms. I also feel suddenly like Im having afib occassionally and I went into a drastic brady episode for 12 hours from being tachy the day before right before these wierd flutters and arythmias.

The only thing i can come up with is, is that its close to THAT time of the month. I have never really payed attention to corellating symptoms with pms although I knew I felt worse during this time thi sis the first time its been so dramatically noticable.

Ive been researhing effects of estrogen increases and there seems to be alot of symptoms that overlap POTS and alot of connections with the same chemicals that can be potentially involved with Pots ie; cortisol, endorphins, serotonin etc.

I however havent found any direct articles on if there is an actual correlation . I was thinking maybe Im having an OVERproduction of estrogen of something ...lol Just grabbing at straws here but my heart is doing circus tricks today and Im so stressed and sick..this isnt normal pms for me...this is pms on steroids...!!!!

I know there is alot of discussion on here about this but cant find any medical articles relating the two...is there any you have run across?? and how do you guys deal with Prems symptons reaking havoc. I feel like I have been set back by 2 months here in progress <sighhh>

Tia if you can give me any info- Sarah

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Oh... how I know. I'm actually worse during and after my period and feel somewhat better the week before. I'm going through a rough patch right now because of stupid hormones messing everything all up. Here are the only articles I've come across relating POTS to our cycles. If anyone knows of others, please post.



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I've not noticed anything regarding my cycle but it wouldn't be shocking if it were true. I'm going to check out the artcles. I'm always saying to journal everything though!! You never know what might be a trigger. The more we know the better we can treat ourselves (becuase let's face it, we have to be our own advocates).

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Thanks for the articles Naomi!

Sarah, sorry you're feeling so terribly. I do not have any articles to throw out there or anything but I just wanted to say hormones definitely affect us ladies and our symptoms. Mine are tremendously worse the week before, during and after. There is one little lost week somewhere in there where I can tell I feel a little step above death but for the most part, i'm positive that the hormones make my symptoms become worse/exaggerated or whatever you want to call it. I've had people suggest various BC to try to possible even out the hormones so they don't fluctuate so drastically but I have yet to try (I have three prescrips at the house) I'm terrified because you hear so much about blood clots and stuff like that.

If you don't mind me asking, what does afib feel like? How do you know that is what you're experiencing?

Feel better! sending happy thoughts

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Ive tried bc pre pots and did not fare well with them, although theoretically I would think that they would help. Im worried about the clotting risk as well.

I found an article last night that stated that POTS and some other forms of dysautonomia are more common among "young" women because it is thought to be a disorder stimulated by progesterone dominant hormone imbalances.

It was interesting but I couldnt concentrate on it so I logged off and now I cant find it....ugh sleepy brain!!! Ill have to find it and post it when I do. It also said something about endometriosis being almost 100% of the time linked with cfs sufferers and then connected with dysautonomia disorders. hmm...really have to find this link..lol

anyways, I am not positive when I have afib. I had a confirmed "run" of it in an ambulance and it felt very similiar to pvc's excpet no thump or boom or the extra beat. Just kind of a continous flutter and uneasyness. Also my heart excelerated.Which isnt uncommin for all of us anyways. I felt anxious, even more so than usual, but no pain that I can remember. It was also hard to feel any kind of rhythem to my pulse. Im not sure if thats what I feel occassionally at home. I worry it may be but then again anxiety can play tricks on your reasoning. I just know sometimes my "pvc's" dont feel like pvcs. This usually happens after I have some brady, and sometimes after tachy and my pulse feels weak. Maybe its trying to speed back up and cant find a rythem. ugh I dont know?

I have been told though that I have afib and it can happen unnoticed. Like svt's though I am told it is basically benign as long as it converts to a normal rhythm eventually, however this doesn't comfort the already overly-anxious mind lol. (please excuse my spelling and rambling, Im exhausted lol) Take care ladies....I think I need a nap then find that article =p

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