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  1. I have this of and on as well. I was told it was a allergy/sinus issue. Does yours get better or worse depending on the season/weather? I would start tracking it...
  2. I have only fainted a couple of times but have been pretty much house-bound for over a year. So yeah, that obviously doens't mean anything.
  3. From my experience (and from what I have read, others) an SSRI should help your anxiety, not make it worse. I know the first week was a little hard for me, but they gave me some ativan to help ease me on to the medication (prozac). I recommend trying it. It sounds like you do indeed have PPD on top of the POTS. PPD is very dangerous if not treated so I would start your SSRI as soon as possible. Don't be scared, any medication can give a certain percentage of people a bad reaction, but it is not common. I've left many doctors offices crying so I understand. I'm sorry.
  4. Bebe - I usually have trace blood in my urine. I saw a urologist about six months ago and he said that it is completely normal. I'm assuming he means normal as long as there are no other symptoms.
  5. Did anyone see the article on flame retardant being in Gatorade? No wonder why that stuff makes me feel sick. Just a reminder to watch what we put in our bodies. I tried to copy the link but it wouldn't let me. If interested just google. Ruby
  6. This doesn't sound like fun! I live in southern CA so the weather is pretty constant. I haven't noticed any changes when it rains. Perhaps it's related to climate as well? I'm sorry.
  7. I tried this last week - it wasn't too bad. A couple years ago I probably would have thought it was gross but I guess it's all about perspective!! Thanks Starburned!
  8. I have pooling in hands and feet but not the feeling you describe in the abdomen. Good for you for being so proactive with your health! Have you still been trying the spanx for the last couple of days? Any changes?
  9. I'd recommend juicing (fruits and veggies) as they pack a lot of nutrients in a small concentrated amount of fluid. Ideally drink in between meals but if you are not able to eat at least drinking the juice will get you the vitamins you need.
  10. Welcome!! I only found this forum a few months ago and I can't say enough about what a blessing and comfort it has been in my life!
  11. I do this as well, though I have done it since I was a child. It defintely got worse after pots though. I've been in the hospital being poked and prodded and crying and through my tears saying "I'm sorry I'm crying!". My husband does say I should try to stop - but says it in a loving way. Honestly I don't really have the energy to put into trying to stop right now - SORRY!! He he. Wish I had more helpful advice. Ruby
  12. Thanks so much - I'll check it out and let you know!
  13. I'm so glad to hear that! I know not everybody is blessed enough to have a fantastic caregiver in their lives. It sounds like you are already good at recognizing her support.
  14. So sorry you had this experience. There's no way I could have waited two hours just for starters. That's so disappointing. Ruby
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