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Some GOOD news!

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I was so busy ranting and raving that I forgot to tell you guys myGOOD news! :rolleyes: (blushes).

I have just had an unconditional offer from Oxford University to study their Medieval English masters! :):lol:

I couldn't believe it either! Shame I was in hospital when I head- it meant I couldn't crack open the champagne, and my parents weren't there to hug me either...

BUT is this not the *coolest*?

We people with POTS can go on and succeed!

(I'm not saying I will- but I'm going to try **** hard) :D:P

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That is a wonderful accomplishment to be accepted by Oxford. I'm proud of you for your perserverance. I could hear the excitement in your email about this. Best of luck to you in your pursuit of Medieval English studies! :rolleyes:


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Thanks guys! I knew you'd all be chuffed!

Well, I'll be studying the manuscripts- Oxford has awesome holdings of medieval and renaissance books, prints and texts, and also the stuff I've always wanted to research- medieval Scottish stuff--which isn't dry or dull like many people might think (did you know it was a Scot in 1503 who first used the word f**k?! :P I'm serious! :D The world authority on Medieval Scots is at Oxford, and is probably going to be my supervisor. I've met her and we got along really well. She's also president of the Scottish Text Society. She is the most active researcher in Scots around, and is just the coolest :lol: She'll be teaching my course on Scots, too..so I'm literally going to have an opportunity I wouldn't have anywhere else (nowhere else in Britain really teaches Scots, except Glasgow, but this expert isn't there.)

I'll also be studying poetry, prose, drama from 650-1550. I'll have the chance to read some Anglo Saxon, Old Icelandic and basically the stuff I love but probably can't study anywhere else!

The difficulty is getting funding to cover the cost of going. At postgrad level, the fees are the most expensive in Britain and I don't have the kind of money to cover the fees but with a bit of luck I might land a scholarship...although the chances are pretty slim.

But yeah, I still can't believe I got accepted! It's something really good to aim for, as the course wouldn't start til October- plenty of time to get out of this POTShole.

My doctorate will be on dream visions. To medieval people, poetry where people talked about dreaming was as popular and conventional as the novel is to us. but it's sort of obscure now- not really studied much.

I'll stop babbling now--most people don't find this stuff nearly so exciting as I do :rolleyes:

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How proud you should be of your accomplishments!!!! Don't come off of Cloud 9 for a really long time. My daughter is still flying after her acceptance to London School of Economics...perhaps you too can meet during her stay in London.

I wish you all the success on your achievements! You worked so hard and have had to endure so much to make it to this point.


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