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Hi all!

Since I share so many of my gripes with you all, how about a success story for a change of pace? We took our trip last week. We went to Ely, MN for a long weekend (4 days). Let me paint the scene:

1) Ely is very remote, and has only a tiny hospital (SOL in case of POTS, basically)

2) We were staying 15 minutes south of Ely

3) We were staying in a remote cabin

4) Our car got stuck in the snow, so we had to park it UPHILL ABOUT 2 BLOCKS AWAY!!

So, there I was, in the middle of nowhere, with no real medical help available in case of POTS, I HAD to walk a 2 block steep uphill climb that was covered in 2 feet of snow, just to get to the **** car, whine whine :P . Needless to say, this all put me on edge. I snapped at my fiance, and told him I hoped he was prepared to carry me to and from the car if my POTS kicked in.

Now for the kicker: ;) I sat in the cabin, and thought to myself, "You can either sit here and worry yourself into a POTS/PANIC hole, or you can get out and enjoy the scenery". I decided if the attacks come - so be it...I will not live my life contantly being afraid of "What If..."

I grabbed my stuff, and I went SNOWSHOEING!!! :D I MADE IT A MILE!!! :D My heart was pounding, but in a good way. I had made it to the point that I didn't care if it did. I was going to have SOME FUN!! The next day, I did it again AND BY MYSELF!! Granted, I didn't go as far as the day before, I was still tired and my fiance wasn't with me. But, nevertheless, I DID IT!!!! B)

I had only one POTS attack on the first night, but I kept my head together, and it was over in 30 minutes. I was getting ready to reach for the Xanax, but then it stopped. I guess just knowing that I had the Xanax there, just in case, really helped me. I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO TAKE ONE!! :lol:

For one weekend, I got to remember what it was like to be a "normal" person. It was a gift, I thank God for it. Keep the faith, all of you. You may think you may not ever feel "normal" again, like I did. Any maybe you won't, by our "old" definition of ourselves. I used to be able to snowshoe for miles. But I'll take this victory - and that is exactly what it is. Yes, my body can't do what it used to do, but it is still a good body in its own way.

The fact that we are all still here, still going, still fighting on, in spite of the odds against us - that is a true victory of the human spirit. And that, my friends, can NEVER be taken from us; not by person, place, experience, or even Dysautonomia. Bless you!

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Good for you! I think the very cold temperatures are less bothersome than the very hot ones. I find that I have been able to shovel a little snow on occasion but can't rake leaves on a nice day in autumn--go figure. Just being able to do something you previously enjoyed before POTS is so reassuring. Martha

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Guest tearose

What a wonderful time you had avais! Thank you for sharing the whole story. I felt like I was there watching the story unfold! From the stuck car, the frustration to the decision to pick up and move on...you are a survivor! Your fiance sounds like a good friend too! If he and you can get through all this you'll have a strong marriage!

I am very happy for you!

best regards, tearose

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Yippee!!! What a thrill that must have been for you to feel that way again. I know how excited I was when I could finally clean my own house again - nothing near as fun as what you experienced. Any time we can see or feel something positive, it's definitely worth sharing. Thanks for letting us in on your success!

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Guest Mary from OH

How wonderful for you!! Now, the key will be when you get into a potshole to jog up that memory and visualize it!!

I'm so glad you were able to have such a wonderful time!!


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Guest GayleP

I'm glad you had such a postive experience. You give me enccouragement that I can handle a family reunion in California in May. I like your attitude of just taking a risk and trying to enjoy yourself without worrying. I'm going to try to do the same on my trip. Thanks for sharing.

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