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New Study On Pots - Includes Saline Text

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The section on saline treatment is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this!

The only thing that annoys me is the statement

" annually affecting

around 500,000. Americans between the ages of 15~50

years[3] with a female to male ratio around 5:1."

Hmm, so maybe in 7 years I won't have POTS anymore!?

Also I know some of us were diagnosed after age 50. Concerned that doctors may not consider it in older people after reading this?

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Proctoclysis is an interesting (though most likely uncomfortable) idea. Home infusions sound fantastic! It might be worth trying....

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Funny that they mention that it's in people age 15-50 but then publish it in the journal of GERIATRIC cardiology. LOL

Thanks for posting this.

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Soime are now looking at central nervous system abnormalities rather than ANS

Well those with central apenea know there can be dysfunctions with the central nervous system - not telling their bodies to work right (even to breathe). LOL! Interesting that there are some with POTS too. That would only make sense - why haven't they studied THAT sooner?


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