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  1. Flaxseed oil mimics estrogen in your body, and many Potsies seem to have hormonal imbalances. Estrogen imbalance can in turn cause PVC's. Not sure yet if it is too much or too little estrogen that is the issue, though in my own body I seem to have trouble with too little. Progesterone is evil, estrogen is good. At least for now . lol
  2. Ok so I have mold too. Ive known about it for a while (um...years) and just keep cleaning it up as I see it. Now this is really starting to freak me out thinking about how sick this could make me. I have mold in my sink and shower drain (when I remove the drain it is everywhere!). I keep pouring bleach down and letting it sit, but obviously it's coming back. It also was on the wall of my shower, though I really coated that with bleach and have not seen any more in that area since then. We had water in our basement as well as a pipe burst and leak into the basement cealing and surrounding insul
  3. Well..... I just had an echo (last one was 2 years ago) and I now have diastolic dysfunction stage II as well as regurgitation of ALL of my valves. Thank you for these articles. I'm only 29! Something has to give....
  4. It is definitely related, though I'm not sure exactly what cases it (as with everything else wrong with us! ). It is a good idea to be tested for sjogrens as well as the small fiber neuropathy, however if you look up Familial Dysautonomia it is one of their main symptoms. While us potsies may not have FD, the dry eyes may be due to our SNS imbalance. Mine were so bad that I had to get punctal plugs. I tried Restasis for about a year prior to the plugs, but unfortunately it did not work. My opthamologist explained to me that Restasis would only work if the cause was autoimmune--guess mine wasn
  5. For those of you who have found beta blockers to be helpful, which one are you taking and at what dosage?
  6. Im so glad to read this thread . I have had PVC's for about 5 years now and just recently started having runs of VT. Quite a different feeling for me than the SVT, though they are both scary. I am very frustrated by my lack of treatment options (beta blockers and calcium channel blockers are out--and antiarrhythmics are not a good option d/t past medications that have evoked arrhythmias). I had an EP study which was not able to produce the arrhythmia. Really the only sure thing that produces it is a change in my hormones (happens every month around the same time!). I wish I could figure it out
  7. Taurine seemed like the "magic pill"..... until I took it, . It did nothing to me at all expept for cause an increase in PVC's (which it is actually supposed to decrease according to the lit). I had a run of v-tach while on it and decided enough was enough. Wont be trying it again...
  8. Rama was the hypertensive reaction you had to the Horse Chestnut, or the Butchers Broom?? My integrative med doc wants me to try a Ginkgo/ Horse Chestnut compound.... Kinda worried after reading this, though Im not sure which one you actually took?
  9. I think a massage may be just as useful . The problem is that the effects of these things are temporary. However, it is definitely better for the health of your foot (especially for diabetics) to have good circulation at least some of the time, than none of the time! I haven't seen one of these machines before, so it's pretty interesting. I have one of those rice bags that I heat up and rest my feet on when I am at home--I absolutely love them!
  10. Same. Mine is my left eye and it seems to come and go. I also at times have abnormal pupils. Really not sure what causes it, though I have definite periods of time when it is worse than others. I have looked in to Horners Syndrome, though I do not fit nicely into that diagnosis. (I sweat evenly on my face, and have dilation rather than constriction of the gimpy eye).
  11. Im so happy to have found this post because I was just thinking of joining a local pool to swim some laps! Im hesitant because exercise and I do not tolerate each other very well, but it seems like swimming would be good for both the OI and the EDS. Out of curiosity--when you swim laps do you swim with your head above the water, or do you hold your breath and breathe rhythmically? I was thinking that holding my breath may make the POTS worse, but there are many strokes that can be done "above" the water .
  12. Not sure about a written source, though Im sure if you researched you could find one . I work in cardiac telemetry so its more of a personal experience type of knowledge, lol. Its very rare to see someone with a heart rate over 100 from just standing up. When patients are walking around the halls their heart rates are anywhere from high 90's to 110, but rarely above that. When they exercise its usually anywhere from 115-130. Other factors such as infection, pain, or medications may elevate their heart rates, but I rarely see patients with orthostatic tachycardia (I can count 3 in the past year
  13. Your diastolic number is very concerning and would be appropriate for the ER. Typically any diastolic number above 120 is considered a hypertensive crisis (this damages organs and puts you at a considerably increased risk of stroke). I know that it can be difficult for us when we have SO many blood pressure swings in one day, however I would definitely look in to developing a plan with your doctor to keep your diastolic number out of the danger zone. I cant give you medical advice, but I know that if my diastolic number were that high I would not hesitate in getting myself to the ER.
  14. Mytwogirlsrox-- normal adults do not go above 100 when standing or walking around. Most are in the 90's while moving around. With exertion most people can get their heart rates up to 130's, but usually they have to exert themselves VERY hard to get it any higher than 150.
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