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In the midst of struggle and hardship, there are still good stories.

This just in from Emily's mom (subject line: new direction)

Just a quick update to tell you that the doctor has made two changes

>in Emily's meds that we hope will help her. Last Sunday, he started

>weaning her off the one that apparently was responsible for all the

>near fainting episodes the previous week. There was some re-bound

>from that change, so this Sunday, he added another dose of her

>beta-blocker which seems to have helped her today.


>Today was a better day than Emily has had for several weeks. She

>had her IV fluids today, which gives her more appetite and more

>energy, so we got her hair washed ;)...Oh, the small pleasures of


>I'm also getting the hang of doing the IVs...no more disasters...


>Thank you for taking the time and energy to post and arrange for

>mail from DINET.


So that's the scoop; since Emily's the silent type these days, I'll thank you all for your healing wishes on her behalf.


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When Emily is on her feet she is going to need to send her Mom to a day spa!! Poor thing, she is going through a lot herself but she is so thoughtful to take the time to send us an update. It is really good to hear that Em is making some improvement. You KNOW you are feeling better when you care enough to get your hair washed (LOL)....been there!!

Hopefully before the week is out she will be in receipt of some of the cards and letters which will lift her spirits as well.

Thanks Merrill!

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Guest tearose

Good to hear there is a glimmer of light dancing through this ordeal!

We just knew she would find a way to pull through!

Still streaming positive thoughts...tearose

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That is good news....I hope good new cont.... It is wonderful that Emily has such a supportive mother who is able to help take care of her and give her TLC. there is nothing better than a mother TLC to help heal. we all hope you are back soon Emily and that this ordeal is over with soon.

Best Wishes,


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I am so glad that our Dancing Light is feeling a bit better. I hope all the muches that she continues to progress. Emily's mom is doing a great job with the IV. I was in the hospital for 15 days for intensive IV hydration due to GI problems. Oh, Emily==I hope that both you and I get relief from the rebounds of gall bladder surgery! Give me a call, Emily, when you have some strength! Your pal, Lois

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It's so nice to have good news about our dancing Emily--and how timely! The present I ordered for her finally came in today's mail, so I can pop everything in the mail to her tomorrow. :)


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Guest Julia59

I'm so happy to hear such good news that Emily is making some progress in her healing! Happy, Happy thoughts is all I can think for you Emily----------------------------------------------------> :):huh::(:):):):):)

Keep the good healing going-----------sending good wishes---- :)

Julie :0)

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I'm glad that Emily is doing better! I don't know her well, but I remember how sweet she is. I sent her a card in hopes it'll cheer her up a little.... Anyway, I really hope that Emily continues to recover, and I know that she is really missed.


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