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Yep. That's pretty much a daily occurence for me. However, I know that if I'm over 99.5, it's more than just my weird autonomic symptoms and should probably see a doctor. My temp tends to go up if I am having allergy problems, i.e. I've been around dogs, mold, or have eaten food that I'm sensitive to.

Nina :P

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This also happens to me too. It has been occuring for about three years. My body temp. is usally low 97-97.5 and rises to about 99-99.5. I have posted before that it is hard for me to keep my body temperature normal. It goes from one extreme to another! I'm either having chills or feeling like i'm having hot flashes! :P

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Happens to me too, especially when it's time for my period. Last time I was menstruating, I was up all night having hotflashes, it was awful.

My temp will be 99.3 or something but I feel like I'm in an oven- it is no fun.

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