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Got an interesting letter from my neurologist


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Hi everyone. I've been plugging along finally recovering from this nasty infection. Still on a ton of meds, but I sure feel a lot better.

Today, I got a letter from my neuro. I thought I'd share it all with you. I guess it's my idea of a really nice "valentine" :)

"Dear Nina,

I received your cervical MRI results, and the results are interesting indeed. As you recall, the MRI from November 26, 2004 suggested right-sided herniation at C6-7. Your recent exam suggested left sided triceps weakness, and the EMG showed active denervationn in the left triceps but not the right triceps. Thus, I was not all that surprised when the MRI just performed on January 28 showed evidence for a left sided herniation at C6-7; in other words, I think the study from November may have been incorrectly interpreted, but obviously I couldn't say for sure unless the two films were put up side to side. Regardless, as we discussed, I think you might be a good candidate for cervical epidural steroid injections. You may have already started this. I'll see you back in a few weeks. I hope you are doing well."

Ah... now things make more sense. Not sure if I should send a letter to the first radiologist regarding his right/left error, given that the findings are confirmed by a 2nd MRI and EMG. Also, I really like my neuro. He's a one of the rare finds who obviously gives a hoot about his patients. I feel pretty lucky.

The epidural has helped and I think that the physical therapy has helped even more. I have been motivated to get a recumbent bike so that I can work on my aerobic capacity so I can match my new strength training regime at PT.

Nina :P

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Guest tearose

I'd be inclined to scoop up the whole file of MRI's and reports and go for another (yes, third) opinion. As I review what has happened, the second dx is not as severe as the first, right? I would want to be real certain that there wasn't something that was missed before going on to a treatment plan...what is your level of confidence? Even super doctors can't see all things at all times. What does your gut say?


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Guest Julia59

You are lucky indeed. My new neurologist never smiles---and looks at me like I just soiled his office with my presence.

I have multiple problems, and all he can focus on is the fact that my chiari is not herniated---or has minimal herniation. Dr. Bolognese in New York said to stick with him for now---I guess to order testing, blood work ect.

You are fortunate to be taken seriously, and your neuro looks like he wants to help you any way he can.

Good luck on your treatment, I hope it continues to help you feel better. :P:blink:

Julie :0)

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Nina, first things first....it is REALLY great to hear the smile back in your spirit so I know you are feeling better. Wonderful!

What a considerate letter you received from your neurologist. I think I would want to get the first set of films and have your neuro or a radiologist he trust, review both sets. That's just me...curiosity and all!

But the important thing is that the treatment is helping you. btw, I have a recumbent bike at home and like it. I got on it the first time since before the holidays now that Merrill and Tearose are out to whip us all into shape (LOL).

Glad you are better. Now, DoN'T overdue!!

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Hi Nina! I thought I'd tell you about an article in the paper a couple of days ago... A man in our town injured himself at work and had worker's compensation following his case. He had X-rays taken and an abdominal ultrasound at the time of his injury four months ago. He decided to be pro-active and requested all of his medical info including his ultrasound report and X-rays. When reading his ultrasound report, he discovered that he was pregnant. (Hee!) What a shock for his girlfriend! The report had his name and all of his information, but the findings were for a three month pregnant woman. There have been alot of problems here lately with medical errors, I guess the good thing is that they are working hard to correct alot of the problems and are pretty open with the things that have gone wrong. I have to wonder about the poor woman, did she get the wrong results as well?

Is your neurologist going to obtain the previous MRI so that you can feel more definate about what is going on? Are you feeling any relief from the steriod injections? Hope your infection continues to improve. Laura!

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Hi everyone,

I'm actually in possesion of both of the sets of films...and both the reports. Unfortunately, I do not have another neuro or neurosurgeon to send them to for review. I may have Teri do a little leg work for me on that one. I do see my pain specialist for another epidural on the 21st, so I might ask him to peek at both and tell me what he thinks.


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