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Does Anyone Else See Tiny Pinpoint Sparks Of Light


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When I have a migraine and usually mine are silent - without the pain, but not always. I see tons of silver stars that float across my vision and also have a bit of double vision with it. The first time was really scarry. I was out of town and thought I was having a retina detachment. Got to an eye doc and he figured out my bp was high and that I was having a silent miagraine. The black floaters are normal - unless there is a huge wave of them and then it could be an eye issue - like a retina detachment. Some of us are just more sensitive to them. Usually us with blue eyes.


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the quick answer is all the blooming time! lol

I get it everyday, small patches of white with zig zag black stripes - smaller than my usual migraine auras, bursts of tiny blue lights, bursts or flashes of light like a whole block of light, white pin prick lights. Basically loads of it. I tend to go through phases of having it all the time and then it lessens. Its annoying and distracting. I also get black grey floaters which have increased in the last 5 years.


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