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Exaggerated Responses To Emotional Stress In Pots - Talk


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I have an issue with the way the medical system looks at anxiety. I've said this before, but I'll mention my story again in a few sentences. Twenty years ago began having "anxiety" attacks. Was told by old gp it was "just anxiety" and to take this anti-depressant. I did as I was told(didn't know any better back then). Years later, off the anti-depressant, still having off/on "anxiety" attacks. Three years ago bought a glucose meter and voila! Anxiety attack=low blood sugar 60 or under . So, yes, we have anxiety but the doctors need to take into consideration the amount of adrenaline we release repeatedly as we get up to shower or do any chores.

I now often wonder if all those 20 years of not knowing I had low blood sugar could have built up my adrenaline-secreting cells, to where I have more than normal. Or, some independent-secreting adrenaline cells. Add POTS on top of low blood sugars causing adrenaline release in me, and I do believe my adrenals might have a few too many catecholamine and/or cortisol secretors!

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I think the research supports an argument that POTS patients are more sensitive to any stimuli that effects the sympathetic nervous system and perhaps adrenaline related vasodilation. I doubt that measuring activity in particular brain areas demonstrates much about how anxious we are.

Although in many talks on POTS ive heard the terms 'somatic hypervigilance' used many times...

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Wouldn't someone who had cancer or any other active disease process react the same way ? Or anyone who's

recently lost a loved one or undergone extreme stress ? Did they test these people too ?

Since our bodies are chronically and constantly in a state of repair aka healing crisis because we can't stay supine 24/7,

doesn't it make sense that we'd have anxiety / adrenal symptoms ?

I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue but imho this can be due to my oh and pots. My adrenals are

always struggling when I'm upright.

Tc .. D

Eta .. I totally agree with sue on this ..

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