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Still no answer about my JOB


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I am still staying at home due to the fact I am not allowed to go back to work because the upper management hasn't decided what to do with me. I have been physically able to work but not allowed. They aren't telling me anything except to call the next day that nothing has been decided. The only other thing they are telling me is that I am not being terminated........well I'm not working so therefore I am not being paid, I have used all my sick days and vacation days. Anyone know where I might stand legally with this? If you read this and don't know what I am talking about, check out the topic "How to keep a job with dysautonomia."

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I'm not sure where you are located but did you fill out for the family medical leave act paperwork before you left? If not, I would suggest doing that first. Does your company have short term disability? If you are paying into that, first thing you will need to do is get documentation from a physician stating you are unable to work at this present time. Short term after sick time and PTO is used up, usually covers things until that runs into long term disability. Sometimes if you feeling well enough, usually a company (with a physicians permission) will let you work part time basis such as 4 or 6 hours a day for so many days a week. It all depends on your health and the doctors documentation. I would suggest seeing your company's human resources and employee health dept to find out more about your rights within the company itself.

Good luck

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Hey there Purple, I'm not sure what the law says about the fact that you're not fired...but you're not allowed to go into work. While you've got the extra time at home, you may want to do a little reading to find out! I've collected some links for you:


This one is a government document; you may be able to find some phone numbers for folks who can give you more exact info regarding your specific situation:


And...this one offers a toll free number for legal assistance to persons with disabilities:


Let us know how this all works out. Nina

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Hi Michelle, that would probably suit me quite well! Finally, a place to put my thousands of tidbits of geeky info to practical use :blink: It it is on the web somewhere, I will find it!! As for my time with the kids...well... so far so good, but there are days when I can at least now entertain a new vocation :unsure:

Nina :)

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