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Cough and SOB


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Why is it that when you finally decide to investigate something and you go through all these tests and they show nothing and then you are stuck with the problem and no answers!!!! ARGH!!!!!!So then you wait and it does not go away and you go back and the doctor says oh you still have this well lets try this and still no answers. And then you are stuck! I'm little frustrated sorry!

I have had a very bad cough since about last year. It comes and goes mainly comes and is always worse when I laugh or exert or take a deep breath. It is always bad in the morning sometimes I cough so much I gag. The coughing makes me very very dizzy. Lately it has been that I have been getting out of breath talking and I notice the sob happening when I stand to long. It use to happen when I stood but it has gotten worse were even my husband notices that I am out of breath. Have tried allergy meds and my pulmonary function test came back fine. (which is good I know but I wanted to show a little something so they could give me something so it would go away.) When am I going to learn that most everything we have is not going to show up on most tests and that there is not 1 magic pill to take it all away. I keep hoping though and sometimes that gets me in trouble. Meaning that instead just waiting and seeing I get excited and then crushed. But that is not my question. I know there have been threads about this but I just wondered if you would let me know if and how you experience this and if you have found any help.

I am going to see the Rhuemtologist on the 17th and maybe she will have a something to say or a way to look at it. The sed rate and the rash and maybe the worsening of the cough and SOB will relate in some way. We will see.

Anyway if you have this and can give me some things to try or to investigate I would appreciate it. All my doctor said was the test was fine no recommendations on what to do next so I will have to find them on my own.

Dad is not good but not bad so I am having to deal with that too. But hopefully he will get good soon!!

Thanks again,

Stacey :) (me coughing )LOL

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I've been told I have atypical asthma--my pulmonary function is great, but I still have that cough and short of breath thing too. I'm on asthma and allergy meds that help--I take these DAILY.






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Just wanted to say I have shortness of breath -- not really with a cough, but just a constant difficulty with breathing -- and it doesn't show up on any tests. My husband also can see I'm out of breath talking and walking around. I haven't found anything that helps it, but just wanted to say I have something similar and that I, too, always hope for the POTS stuff to show up tests so I can get that super-secret magic pill that makes it all go away!! As if it could be so simple ...

Oh, well, one can dream, right?


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