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Anyone In Hampton Roads, Va?


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Hi there,

I joined them meet others program, but am confused as to how it works. So I thought I'd post here, hope that's ok. I was wondering if there are any dysautonomia/POTS folks in my area??? If so I'd love to connect, even if its just online. Its nice to know there are others here locally and be able to share info on local stuff.

Or if someone can tell me how the meet others thing works I'm all ears :) All I received was an email saying I'd joined.


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The Meet Others program is a bit confusing at the moment. We're working on making it better and more user friendly.

Here is how it works currently: When you join the Meet Others program your information is sent to those who are already on the list. If someone nearby (who was already on the list) wants to contact you, then they have to make the first move. When new people join the Meet Others program in your area, you will receive their contact information via email. The "old" members receive the information of the "new" member, and it is up to the old members to make contact.

In the past we used to send out an updated list to both new and old members every time someone in the area joined. That led to unwanted contacts, so in order to protect our members we had to change the system a little.

I really hope to be able to revamp this program next year so that it is both user friendly and protects our members.


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We have several people in the Tucson/Phoenix area, and we will be meeting on Jan 6th. I'm very excited about this! It appears that there will be around 6-8 of us meeting at a local deli.

Cfmartin~ I hope you find some others in your area that you can get to know better. Good luck!

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ohhhhh potsgirls, that is SO cool!!!!! wish i could join you all! we have about 6 pots patients here in the netherlands and i met a few of them (and have internet contact with the rest of them) but i would love a get together with all of us as well! wishing you all lots of fun on your meeting!

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