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What Antidepressant Works Best For Pots?

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Saw a new dr(nephrologist) who wants to put me on Clonidine and sm amount of Lexapro. What have others found to be a successful antideppresant for POTS? I have the hyperadrenergic type.

The dr said it is not for depression, but it sometimes helps to reset the autonomic nervous system. He is also going to do an ultrasound of my left renal vein as I have bad left kidney area pain when I am upright and increased urination. He is also trying to figure out why I cannot hold onto potassium and magnesium even tho I supplement a lot. I was suprised how much he knew about POTS. It was rather nice for once to not have a doctor give me the glazed look and hurry out of the office.

What is the opinion and experience of others with taking antidepresants? I am SO sensitive to meds, I am apprehensive. Need to know more.

So far I have not tolerated Forinef(caused migraines, Methly-dopa(totally could not function, physically or mentally), Mestinon(helped, but caused severe asthma),propranol(heart rate too low), Midodrine caused bad nausea(and because I have Addison's, too I cannot vomit, or I end up in the hospital hooked up to IV's. All these I have tried in small doses and still not worked.

I am starting the Clonidine today, the pharmacy is waiting on my insurance to approve the Lexapro. I am just not a big fan of antidepresants.

Any opinions?

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My cardio really wants me to go off my current SSRI (50mg zoloft) and try something else, he thinks it does not help my dysautonomia, I actually went on the zoloft for my anxiety, it really helps, but they first 4-6 weeks were horrible!!! I had to white-knuckle it through a lot of panic attack type feelings until one day I noticed I wasn't having the racing anxious thoughts any longer, I wasn't scared to go on subway and I felt good being out again. That was so nice.

So, yes, currently my Doc. would like me to switch to something else, I'm not sure what as I need to find a Dr. who is can prescribe the meds (cardio is happy to talk to whomever I find). I just work so much I hardly have time to see so many doctors!

I do believe that these medications can be very helpful for some of us with dysautonomia, here, this link is awesome:



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I'm taking Lexapro, its been really helpful in reducing symptoms. But like dani said you have to put up with some yuckiness for the first couple of weeks before you see the benefits ( I believe with most anti depressants this is the case). I was on Cymbalta for a long time, it was a nightmare to get off. In general I'm finding Lexapro alot easier on the system but everyone is different esp when it comes to POTS! I think its worth putting up with some side effects while the system gets used to them cause they can be quite an effective treatment....defo was for me anyway!

Im on a tiny dose...the lowest dosage here (ireland) is 5mg but thats even too much for me...i cut the tablet and take 2.5mg at 7am and 7pm.

Good luck with them if you decide to go ahead!

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Before we knew I had POTS and just thought I was having anxiety attacks, I tried Lexapro. It did help for a couple of months and I felt better. However, over time, I started to have symptoms again. Then, I noticed that I was actually having acute attacks about an hour after I took my Lexapro each day. We switched me to Paxil and the same thing happened. I guess I became senitive to them over time.

I really think that trying any drug to treat this disorder is hit or miss for each of us. It seems like we each reacte so differently to treatment. I hope you find it works for you. :)

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