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  1. Thank you Jackie and Northern Darlene! I will have to see my cardio and see what he thinks, this med was prescribed by a psychiatrist. thank you!
  2. Guys, I was diagnosed with clinical depression about a month ago, I have been on lexapro, it has helped so much with my depression and my horrible headaches...but....I'm so lightheaded, especially at night, did any of you have this issue as well? I was wondering what helped for you? Thanks!
  3. Thank you Issie, it's so odd because my other B's were good, wonder if it was some kind of error? thank you for posting ramakentash and Issie. It's so weird, I always feel "good" just very lightheaded most of the time.
  4. I recently had some blood work done, my B6 was low range was 5-50, mine was 2 and my IGE was high, range was 0 to 100 (100 being very high) mine was 145 What does this mean and could it be a reason why I'm so lightheaded so often? Thanks!
  5. Yes Naomi I sent my application, they told me to send my disk with a new copy of the application, I did, they sent it back, they cannot help me.
  6. It was horrible! Florinef helped me with this. I don't get it much any more but last night i felt pretty horrible.
  7. Sitting and lying down were very bad for me when my POTs was bad. Like Potsie007 I felt like i was passing out in my sleep.
  8. My POTs got a lot better maybe it was the gluten free or the going off zoloft, that seems to have hlped, I think my body adjusted to something that is till wrong with it but the POTs part is better.
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