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Brain fog


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I find that writing things down really helps me to remember them. If I write something down just once I am apt to remember it much better than if I try to verbally memorize it over and over again. I hope you find something that works for you!

On another note, best of luck on the GRE!


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When I've had bad brain fog, a few things seem to help. Not sure if it's science, voodoo, or just a placebo effect, but:

coffee in moderation seems to help me

enada (aka NADH)

and a solid night's sleep, with ambien if needed.


btw, I use a study method called SAFMEDS...it's based on solid empirical study, unlike my suggestions above :)

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I have been studding for years and with all these healthy problems it can be very challenging. Lets address the physical needs first.

1. Eat right, take your medication, exercise and sleep enough. I never study past 8 the night before the exam. I am always fresh and ready for the exam the next day. I recon what you don’t know by 8 the night before you will never know. And don’t stress, do your best and you will past. If you don’t work hard you will fail and in all due respect you will know in your heart that you have not worked hard enough.

I am studying to be a Horticulturist and some of my subjects are very interesting and difficult. I never let any subject intimidate me. I have recently passed an exam that was suppose to be the most difficult subject in the course. I breezed through it. I refused to let tracker engines and pumps get me down.

The most important thing is the area in which you study. There must be nothing that distracts you. Always read the course material before you start studying. It makes the world of difference if you have a feel for the subject instead of just jumping into it and only studding sections.

My study method comprises of

1. Reading

2. Underlying

3. Removing key words

4. Connecting different important words together.

5. Read again and repeat Key words until you feel you have absorbed the relevant information sufficiently.

5. I also often use colours and draw pictures.

Eg. When I am studding about pollution, I draw all the different sources and you remember the pictures in the exam. You will get faster at the method the more you use it.

Good luck, but most of all believe in yourself. You can do anything in this world if you put your mind to it.

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Thanks for all the suggestions :) I'm a little afraid to try add any new prescription drugs to my routine so close to the test, but maybe the enada would be worth trying? I'll have to check that out.

I also write things down - again and again! I will just keep practicing ;)

Sleep is a big issue with me too. I have a prescription for Sonata. It helps some, but it still makes me feel a little off when I take it. Granted, it's better than no sleep at all...

Nina, what is SAFMED?

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SAFMEDS is an acronym for








It's actually a systematic way to do what Ling was speaking of above. Once you're able to get through a one minute timing with a specified # of cards and without errors, you're considered "fluent." Fluency, in this regard, is a technical behavioral term for proficiency with speed. (I'm a behavior analyst by training). As such, it's been empircally validated (studied with research supporting it as a succesful training method).

I personally use this method whenever I have an exam that involves stuff I find "uninteresting" or mostly needed memorization of facts. That's how I aced my ethics and psych law tests--lots of dates and key legal cases by name and resulting legal decisions. BORING...but I got an A.

Here's a link describing SAFMEDS and how to set them up:


Nina ;)

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I noticed you are complaining about your sleeping. I suffer from horrible chest pains and take Magnesium tablets for this. I have noticed a slight improvement in the chest pains since I have been taking Magnesium. Magnesium also helped me alot to sleep better. Try taking it, but remember nothing off the shelf ask your doctor for a prescription. And don’t trust pharmacist, the last time I listened to them I pick up horrible heart problems. ;)

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Thanks you guys :)

Nina, I'm gonna check out that link. Sounds like it will help me learn vocabulary and math formulas ;p

Patti, I'll let you know how the enada works out :)

Ling, I agree with you on the benefits of magnesium. That's one vitamin I've been taking for years ;) How much do you take? And do you mix it with calcium or potassium?

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Hey there Pamyla, my first ANS doc had me take potassium and magnesium (can't recall the doseage) and also CoQ10...and a few others things that my lame memory can't recall...


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Hi everyone, just wanted to say thanks for all the advice and support. I survived the GRE :unsure: And not only that but I did really well, scoring a 720 in the math section - woohoo! The test left me tired and feeling a little shaky, but otherwise I'm in okay shape.

I did take the enada, and it seemed to help. The store didn't have the fast-acting so I just got the regular in 5 mg dose, and it seemed to do the trick. I also tried out Nina's system of reviewing flashcards fast and daily. That really helped me memorize math formulas and vocab words :)

Time to get some rest and relaxation - hopefully without the help of Sonata tonight :blink:

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That's so great Pamyla! Good for you!

I also recently added DHA to my vitamin regimen. Can't tell yet if it helps, but it doesn't seem to hurt.

I know just how you felt after that darned test. I took it 3 years ago on computer and it was a bugger. Also just recent took a board certification exam; I'm happy to say I passed and can now sign my name legally with

"Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst"

Wooo HoooOOOoo!

Nina, BCABA :blink:

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