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MS and POTS?


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POTS can co-occur with a number of disorders. I'm not sure if members of this board are among them, but on NDRF I've met folks with POTS & any of the following:

diabetes, parkinson's, MS, autoimmune disorders/rheumetoid disordes, etc.


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Guest tearose

Hi Ginger,

A friend of mine who contracted lyme disease and was treated successfully, then went on to develop MS. This was determined through numerous brain MRI's. After about eight years of dealing with MS she did get the dx of POTS after showing symptoms and having a positive TTT.

take care, tearose

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Ginger, my experience is much like what Martha wrote. Various doctors were so sure MS was responsible for my "weird" symptoms (before upright tachycardia kicked in). I had Brain MRI followed by spinal tap, followed by spinal MRI to see if "MS was in the early development stages". All those tests were normal. When the upright tachy began, I was hospitalized and eventually dx with POTS.

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