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I am at 35 weeks and the drs say that I am doing well. I am ready to get the whole thing over with but that is just me. The baby is doing great. No problems, thank God. I saw the dr. today for my weekly visit and she said that now it is just a matter of waiting until she is ready to come out.

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Hi guys! I just logged on and saw your post...thanks so much for caring :) This board is so awesome. I don't want to jinx myself by saying this, but I have been feeling much more energetic this past week- we went up to Virginia for Christmas and just got back yesterday, and I really felt good the whole time. I am still really nauseated a lot, but a few weeks ago it got about 50% better, plus I think I am just used to throwing up now! We will find out the sex of the baby in about 4 weeks...but I am pretty sure this one is a girl! My intuition is strong about it, and this pregnancy has been much harder than the last with my son. But who knows, I could be wrong!

April- I am so glad that your pregnancy is going well. I am sure you are ready to meet your little princess. I remember feeling that way with Ethan but later I missed being pregnant! I hope that everything goes smoothly with your delivery- I hope you aren't getting too nervous. Childbirth is an amazing event, certainly nothing to be afraid of :)

Well I better run, I'll try to post more soon but right now Ethan has the stomach flu and is demanding my full attention today. Happy Holidays everyone!

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hey jess!

so glad that you logged on! i have been really worried about you too. i am glad that you at least have SOME relief from the nausea and were able to make a trip for the holidays.

please let us know that sex of the baby and if your intuition is right! i'm sure it is, as you are very in tune with your body.

here's hoping you cotinue to feel better day by day during this pregnancy.


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Guest tearose

Good to hear from you Jessica! How nice that those nasty morning sickness days are behind you! Don't do any running around if you can help it! I hope Ethan is over the virus and you can bank some extra rest time!!! Keep up the good work lil' mother.

April, How exciting for you...35 weeks! Are you all ready? You too should try to store away a few hours rest while you can!

It seems like the years just fly by...I am so happy for you both. Being a mom has enriched my life...giving 24 hour unconditional love and nurturing...no potsholes allowed, so rest up you two!

warm wishes, tearose

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Dear Jessica,

Glad to hear that you're feeling somewhat better. I also was wondering how you had been.Glad to hear your holidays were good. I was in Florida with my Mom last week and the weather was fairly pathetic.

Aprilmarie, that's great news that you're so far along and doing well.

I hope we will be able to see the babies pictures soon from the website. Martha

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Jessica, you "sound" so much better. I am really happy for you and hope that the rest of your pregnancy will be more comfortable for you. Hope Ethan is better soon and doesn't share his bug with Mom.

April, you are almost at the finish line!! Congrats! For those of you who take on pregnancies with POTS you have my utmost admiration and someday I hope your little ones understand just how very much you wanted them.

All the best to you moms-to-be.

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Just wanted to say glad you are feeling better and hope that continues for you! Maybe this time around you will get cured of POTS! I remember one of my doctors saying that happened to one of his POTS patients when she got pregnant a second time!


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