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Started Metoprolol And Vomitted Twice In Car

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I started Metoprolol this morning and was nauseous today. I drank fluids but didn't think to eat, really. Just a Nutri-Grain bar was all I could tolerate.

I ran errands with my spouse and vomited twice badly in the car (I guess the motion sent me over).

I called the Pharmacist because the main side effects listed nausea and vomiting for Metoprolol. She said this is fairly common and your body has to adjust, try to take it a couple more days and contact my physician's nurse early next week.

I will do this, but it was terrible. Now I don't know if the Metoprolol isn't working or if I'm just a lot more POTSY due to the vomiting.

The Pharmacist also said I must eat so I'm cooking some chicken and potatoes now (nothing else sounds appetizing). I'm trying to drink water and now V8 to rehydrate myself but still shaky.

What a terrible 'common' side effect, no? I guess it is probably worse on us with POTS/OI. Has anyone had similar issues with a BB?

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I started out on that BB, and couldn't tolerate it. It was very effective in bringing down my heart rate, but I am very hypotensive, and ended up spending several days in the ER to stabilize my BP. So I am currently taking a teeny-tiny dose of atenelol, but having very mixed results there, too. I don't recall getting worse nausea with meteprolol, but I am always nauseous, so that doesn't mean it didn't, I just can't tell if it made it worse! Personally, I would be unwilling to take anything that made me vomit, but mainly because I have to get IV fluids as it is, vomiting is not an acceptable side effect for me. You might want to give it the weekend, but if things don't improve rapidly I would definitely contact your doctor first thing monday!


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Were you switching from Propranolol (I see that's in your signature line) to metoprolol? My daughter's doc tried to switch her from propranolol to metoprolol and she vomited once she switched, so we switched her back. Her propranolol dose was 120 ER and the metoprolol was supposed to be a milder med. We assumed that the vomiting was due to her heart rate not being controlled, as that is when she normally vomits. At this point, I don't know if it was that or just the med itself that made her vomit.

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I switched this weekend from Propranolol to Metoprolol. I was on 20mg of Propranolol three times a day and now am on 25mg of Metoprolol twice a day. I don't think I like the Metoprolol as much...the Pharmacist thinks I vomited from the Metoprolol because it is 'a common side effect' when your body is adjusting to it. (Nice).

I really wanted to be on a selective Beta Blocker as that is overall safer with allergies...but I need to feel OK too. I was told I should be able to go back to Propranolol with no real issues if the new one doesn't work out. Let us hope!

I was feeling decent on Propranolol. Now I don't know if I don't think the new one is working as well because of the incident yesterday and I am just extra POTSY today or not.

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