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Underlying cause?


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I was just reading some of the general information about POTS that the site has, and I read this line;

POTS symptoms are sometimes correctable if an underlying cause is discovered.

Has anyone found out any underlying cause for thier POTS, or has anyone's doctor even looked for an underlying cause? This is saying that there is a chance that it can be corrected, and I'm just wondering what cause would it be that can be corrected.


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That's a great question. I think that's what all my tests at Mayo were for....to rule out an underlying cause. And they came up with zippo, nadda, zilch, absolutely nothing. I was kind of hoping that they'd find an underlying cause so at least I could address it and treat it properly. But I do wonder if anyone on the forum has a specific condition that is absolutely causing their POTS. I know many people here have EDS and chiari malformation that contribute greatly to their POTS, but I wonder if they are exactly what's causing POTS, or if there's an overlay of conditions. I know that pituitary gland problems and tumors on the adrenals can cause POTS too, but haven't heard of anyone finding the cause and then reversing their POTS symptoms....hmmmmm, Anyone out there that can address this? :)

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I don't believe that there is an underlying cause for my pots, at least not one that doctors can find. I suppose that other disorders or diseases could cause the same symptoms if left untreated, but that's not really pots per se. Obviously I wish (as I'm sure everyone else does), that pots could easily be corrected. Maybe I'll ask my doctor some questions about this at my next appointment :P. Anyway, good luck!



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I think many people with POTS have an underlying cause...I read an article somwhere that said that like 90% of people that have POTS...dont really have it...they have an underlying disorder wrecking havioc on their nervous system. I think I have something going on causing my body to act strange, cuz I've never had any signs of POTS unitl all of the sudden one day. I guess it just takes a long time to force doctors to due so many tests on us. Keep searching and never give up. Keep us posted.

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