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Does This Seem Okay


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I have been on .1 florinef but i went in and my cardiologist said i could move it to two. Tried that and it work okay, so went back in again and now he said to take it 3 times a day.. Seems like much to me. Anyone taking this much florinef a day? What side effects have you experienced? thanks :]


Read the post(s) on aldesterone, renin and salt. You might feel differently about the meds - when you read about it. I've done allot of research on this subject - PM me if you'd like more info.

Did they check your sodium levels and your kidney function - too much of the meds and salt can cause problems.

Are you still seeing the cardio that you told me about? I felt like he knew the basics of how to treat POTS, but not that much about the deeper things involved with it. I only saw him the one time. He felt like I needed someone who could go deeper and know more. He wasn't aware that the doc at Mayo had come back, because he said he would normally send people to him. I told him that he was back. He thought that that doc would be a good one to go to.

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NO!!!! I have serious reservations about that amount of florinef. You are doing OK with 2 pills a day (a whopping dose!) and your doc wants you to go up to 6??? That could be very dangerous and lead to a hypertensive crisis. Please check with another physician. Make sure you have adequate salt & fluid intake with your 2 pills. That may help it work better. Additionally, have your potassium levels checked regularly. You probably need to be on a prescription potassium supplement like Slow K-8.

Please tell us you are OK & did not follow this advice.


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Hi! Yeah i wont take it.. He said if i did he would give me a holter monitor, but i dont feel comfortable even with that. I will get a second opinion, i just liked the fact that he was the only doctor that would agree to hydration therapy. Everyone else is so freaked out by PICC lines lol

But thanks! :]

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