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I have diverticulosis/itis and have been in hospital 4x in past year for 3-5 days with IV antibiotics. Okay I was going to do elective surgery this past Aug but after reading about surgery with someone who has autonomic disorders I chose not to so I cancelled it.

I googled it and read that anesthesia is risky for people with autonomic disorders and can cause a lot of problems such as respiration/BP/hyperreflexia/heart attack/death etc... I am so scared of having any kind of surgery especially taking out a foot or so of my intestines. Is there anyone who has had major surgery and can tell me that I am worrying about nothing. PLEASE someone who has had surgery tell me what to expect. I cry all the time thinking that surgery is NOT an option for people like me.

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I just had surgery again three days ago. I did fine. I went "under" six months ago also. I was very i'll with POTS back then and did great. :)

I used to worry too. The doctors watch you carefully and talk to you before going under.

I hope you will get better soon. That is painful isn't it? I had it but I got well at home thankfully. Best of luck.

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Ask the anesthesiologist about using Dexmedetomidine. My doc says she has had dys patients have to have surgery and relapse w/ normal anesthesia but do great with Dexmedetomidine. It's newer though and some docs may not be experienced with it.

Another option is to check this link:


It's recommendations for patients with CFS (and dys) who are getting surgery.

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I had my thyroid removed two years ago in the midst of my POTS. I actually felt BETTER post-surgery for a few days. I remember walking around outside our hotel afterwards, and making myself go in and sit down because I SHOULD have needed to sit, but I didn't feel the need. My guess was all the extra fluids.

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Thanks everyone for the quick reply. I appreciate it.

I have POTS but I also have hypereflexia which is a increase in BP with any stimulant. If I have ingrown toenail,sunburn,medicines including anesthesia,constipation,UTI,any injuries can trigger a RAPID increase of BP almost to a dangerous situation.

I have a cervical injury and this condition creates the hyperreflexia but otherwise my BP is 90/70 the spinal cord is triggered with the ANS and can cause a raise in BP until the problem is found (UTI,constipation) I have had it once when my bladder was over full and it was scarey BP went from 90/70 to 158/100 for about an hr.

Does anyone else have this with POTS

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