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  1. Someday I have good days but not very often. I am always fatigue and drained of energy.
  2. I also have the gastroparesis from dysautonomia so if you could I would have that checked. As far as the Vit B12 I use the sublingual 2500mg daily. Sublingual dissolves under tongue and gets in your blood stream faster.
  3. Thanks Wyominggirl for such good advice when things get low in life.
  4. Thanks everyone for the quick reply. I appreciate it. I have POTS but I also have hypereflexia which is a increase in BP with any stimulant. If I have ingrown toenail,sunburn,medicines including anesthesia,constipation,UTI,any injuries can trigger a RAPID increase of BP almost to a dangerous situation. I have a cervical injury and this condition creates the hyperreflexia but otherwise my BP is 90/70 the spinal cord is triggered with the ANS and can cause a raise in BP until the problem is found (UTI,constipation) I have had it once when my bladder was over full and it was scarey BP went from 90/70 to 158/100 for about an hr. Does anyone else have this with POTS
  5. I have diverticulosis/itis and have been in hospital 4x in past year for 3-5 days with IV antibiotics. Okay I was going to do elective surgery this past Aug but after reading about surgery with someone who has autonomic disorders I chose not to so I cancelled it. I googled it and read that anesthesia is risky for people with autonomic disorders and can cause a lot of problems such as respiration/BP/hyperreflexia/heart attack/death etc... I am so scared of having any kind of surgery especially taking out a foot or so of my intestines. Is there anyone who has had major surgery and can tell me that I am worrying about nothing. PLEASE someone who has had surgery tell me what to expect. I cry all the time thinking that surgery is NOT an option for people like me.
  6. Hi Kansasgirl I feel for you and so sorry you are having such difficulties. Your meds could be the reason you get so constipated I think all meds one of the side effects are constipation. I was on prednisone a steroid and it caused infection in my bowels and perforation of intestines(one of many side effects) and I will NEVER EVER go on prednisone again NO matter what. Have you tried drinking prune juice for constipation? I have used it on bad days and it works for me. I just warm it up and drink it and it cleaned me out and now I take Colace a stool softener 3x a night and my BM's are good in the morning after drinking hot coffee. Wish you the best and hope you will find answers to your situation.
  7. I have gastroparesis with my autonomic nervous system disorder and it causes slow movement in stomach emptying foods digested. When John Wayne died and Elvis they had 50 up lbs of waste in their stomachs where it was just lingering there for days. I did some google on this and found a lot of vegetables causes bezoars which causes cement in the stomach and causes impactions. I use to do the Benefiber and was in hospital with another impaction so I am on a LOW fiber diet and try to stick to it. If you google about bezoars it tells you the vegetables NOT to eat ---- fiber supplements are one. I learned a lot and glad I did
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