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Has Anyone Ever Forgot To Take Their Meds? I Blanked My Afternoon Dose.


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I had some things going on and was busy and completely spaced my afternoon dose of Propranolol and Midodrine! I'm feeling OK (a little tachy because Propranolol keeps that down, but not terrible).

I've never just 'forgot' a dose of my medicines. I've overslept and had to miss my morning dose before, but not forgot.

My prescription info says if you miss a dose, if it's within four hours to your next dose just wait (and I can take my evening dose in a couple of hours).

But...I'm not that old and I feel like I'm losing it sometimes. I didn't feel 'anxious' until I realized I was two hours late with my medications so I'm sure that's just me being paranoid.

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I've walked in to take my meds and walked out and in less than 5 minutes can't remember if I actually took them or not. Then I'm afraid to take them because I'm not sure if I took them and I don't want to double dose. My short term memory is terrible. I feel like I'm losing it. I need to get one of those med trackers but I have to find one that locks so my kids can't get them. I can normally tell within 4-8 hours because my HR speeds up and the tremors kick in. I'm not that old either but I have times I feel so old. Between the shower chair, meds, cardiac rehab, handicapped parking ... you get the idea. Hope this doesn't happen too often for you. I feel your pain.


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you are not alone... the forgetfulness--the non existent short term memory... frequently count and recount pills (to no avail) trying to figure just out how many i might have taken ... i shout out to everyone in the vicinity: did you see me take a pill? this act is tedious.... will purchase a pill case/tray tomorrow... if i remember.

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I think we've all been there. I have missed lots of doses of medication. My main problem was that I would forget if I had taken my medicine or not. A few years ago I got pill boxes, and those have helped tremendously. I never wanted to get pill boxes because in my mind it made me feel old or something. Eventually I realized that I really needed the pill boxes, and I'm so glad I gave in. They have been a huge help in remembering my meds. They also make it so much easier to take my medicine. I fill my pill packs on Sunday evenings, and then I'm set for the week. Before I was always opening each bottle every time I needed medicine. Now I just have to open the lid of a pill box, and all my meds for my morning or evening dose are ready to go.

The only prescription medicine I take regularly throughout the day is midodrine. I take it every 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Sometimes every 6 hours. It all depends on when I remember and when I'm not napping. The main thing with midodrine is that you don't want to take it any closer together than about 4 hours. It is okay to spread it out farther than that. For example, if I'm napping, I don't bother to wake up and take midodrine. I'll just take it later, even if it is 6 hours since my last dose. My next dose then gets pushed back by two hours also so that I'm not taking midodrine tablets too close together.

Missing a dose of a beta blocker and midodrine probably isn't something you need to be too concerned about. You may have some increase in symptoms, especially hr and bp related, but it won't hurt you. It will just be uncomfortable.

Some people set alarms on their watches or cell phones to remind them to take their medicine. I have done this once or twice when I knew I would REALLY need my midodrine, but also knew that I was very likely to forget to take it.


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I mostly take mine for symptoms (I'm generally taking something but there are some I lay off for a few days.) It depends on the weather and a few other things (including bp or pulse numbers). I think I might be more concerned if my numbers varied in a consistent manner and I always took meds regularly (I'd be far more worried about rebound effects)

Like everyone, I sure hate it when I can't remember when I've taken something. If the med is in a closet, I generally haven't taken it. If I leave it out, it either triggers my memory that I took it ...or not ...if it doesn't, I won't take it ...until some hours later when I feel like dirt, I see numbers I don't like, and figure it's enough time.

I have a box but use it really when I know I'm going to need to take a med regularly during the week because I haven't felt so well.

I am just thrilled to have my meds. I know I lived years without them so I can't be worse than that ... if I don't take them, relief is hours away.

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At least I don't feel alone now! My short-term memory is much worse than it was before POTS on some days. People I know notice - but you should've remembered that! How'd you forget this?

Well. POTS can do that to you!

I have a pill box so I have to get good at using it and maybe add an alarm/check off list or something in case I think I took something and didn't. :o

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