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Stopped Smoking Friday Night


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Hey all,

I have been checking vitals since I quit smoking (Friday night 11pm) and my sitting heart rate is 60's and standing is 90's my heart rate so low is worrying me even after 20 minutes of standing HR is not going past 105. Is this okay???? I feel very weak and tired but I always did but has anyone else experienced this drastic change in vitals after quitting smoking? I quit cold turkey so no meds or anything that could be affecting in any way...

Past vitals

Laying & sitting HR - 85

Standing - 115-125

Now as a non-smoker

laying & sitting -60-65

Standing- 85-105


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OMG-you are now normal!! :lol:

No, even though your numbers seem in the normal range, I can imagine you are feeling worse. You were "used" to the higher standing numbers and now they are lower.

Congratulations on the quitting smoking!! I quit about 15 years ago and so glad I did.

Yes it is freakin me out the resting hr is so unbelievable to me! I just got results back from CC and am suppose to start taking fludro and midodrine because the low volume and venous pooling in lower limbs but I'm wondering if smoking was to blame in all this???

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Do you monitor your b/p at home? If so, do you know if it has changed since Friday?

Yes its been lower at times and normal at times verses low 98% of the time. I haven't called my doc yet to let them know my heart rate is down but I think I should I really wonder whats truly going on and could smoking be the cause of tachy and blood volume vascular issues and by me quitting going to heal me??? I know it sounds crazy But how many have the heart rates drop to normal without meds?And is the heart rate the criteria for POTS or dysautonomia and would a 60 to 90 increase in heart rate still be considered this condition I'm as bit confused all I know is things are changing within and it all started when I stopped smoking and I really can't believe it.

And Thanks everyone for support


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Sounds like your body is reacting to quitting smoking as if it was a stressor/trigger. If there would be a way to taper down smoking, just like when a person changes medications, I wonder if that would make it easier on your body. However I doubt there is a way to slowly cut back on smoking to avoid the symptoms you are dealing with. Not sure. I would think that after a while your body will adjust and your vitals will adjust. Good job on quitting smoking! Eat something salty when you crave a cig and see if that helps your bp out.

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