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Lowest pressure laying on my Right side


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I get this really tight feeling in my throat and sometimes can't breathe when I'm laying on my right side. Usually I know if my pressure is low because I get a dizzy feeling. I finally checked my pressure while I was on my back, left side and my right. My pressure decreased by 30 Systolic and 10 Dystolic, My heart rate decreased an additional 10, Laying on my right side. It is about the same on my back and my right side.

Is this normal?

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I'm not sure what's considered normal when you're lying on your side, however, I do know that the cardiologists often check BP on each side of a patient to make sure there's no big differences. I'm not sure what kind of problem the difference would indicate though.

I can no longer lay on my left side for very long since having POTS. If I fall asleep that way, I usually wake up with tachycardia. The best position for me is on my back. I have never taken pressure readings while I'm on my side though. Interesting question...maybe someone here will have more insight than I do! :rolleyes:

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Gena that's interesting because when I first got POTS I never wanted to sleep on my left side, it usually triggered my tachycardia and arrhythmias. My pressure is normal laying on my left and back though, it's just my right side.

rqt9191 thx for your reply, I hate sleeping on my stomach.

The more I think about this, I kind of think I'm on to something. I took Atenolol for 1 1/2 years (it was one of my favorite beta blockers) until I started waking up and I couldn't breath, I just assumed it was my beta blocker. I think it's laying on my right side. If I wake up on that side in the morning, it takes me 5 minutes to be able to take a full breathe.

I thought this was some kind of fluke but I've been experimenting different times of the day and I keep getting the same result. I forgot to mention that laying on my right usually gives me instant heart burn too.

I searched the internet over and couldn't find anything accept something about cardio-pulmonary disease and I'm sure that I don't have that.

I called Dr. Grubb's office this morning and they told me to get in with my primary because it didn't sound normal to them. I thought maybe it was some kind of POTS thing.

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Ok I saw my primary care doctor today about this stupid, wacko problem.

Thank god that he totally believed me. He is sending me for a pulmonary function test and a bnp to rule out any possibility of CHF.

When I went to bed last night I had difficulty breathing and again I had a significant blood pressure drop only while laying on my right side.

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