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Swelling alot again


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I am swelling like a pregnant women again. I could not wear my wedding ring for 3 days again. Had it made bigger 2 sizes already. I see it most in my hands but I know it is my whole body swelling. What can I do and why is this happening? I am not on Cortizone and have not been on it for nearly a year now. I have heard heart medication causes swelling? :)

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I have been retaining a ton of fluid since POTS hit me. It's definitely hormone-related for me, but don't ask me how. I have totally normal heart function, so it's not my heart. I suspect it has something to do with anti-diuretic hormone and cortisol. High cortisol levels will cause swelling.

I swelled up about halfway through my pregnancy and ended up developing pregnancy-induced hypertension. But the swelling happened far earlier for me than the high blood pressure did. I think it was the hormones of pregnancy -- i.e., increasing cortisol, which is normal during the end of pregnancy -- that actually caused the swelling. Mine just never went away after I had the baby, which to me makes me think my hormones are totally screwy. Of course, I can't get my doctor to verify this with labs because he says if my cortisol is high, there's not much we can do about it anyway (unless I had Cushing's syndrome, but he doubts that).


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A few years ago I had a really high corisol test. Went to see an endocrinologist and he of course (like so many others) :P could not account for it. Lately I have had a lot of swelling, arms legs, hands stomach face everywere. In fact this week I can't get my wedding rings off. My chinese doctor says I am retaining a lot of fluid but not in a good way. I wonder if I have a cortisol problem too. Isn't it amazing that something you don't think is POTS realted usually turns out to be becuase there are so may things involved. HMMMMMMMMM

Stacey :-)

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