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I have McClezine to take when I have a Meniere's attack. I took 1/2 dose & my legs started burning & felt like the nerves were twitching or jerking. Have any of you taken this drug & had this problem. It felt like neuropathy & restless leg. One more drug I can't take. This is getting very depressing. Do you think this is because of dysautonomia? thanks.

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Hi Alicia, I took it for a long time when I first got diagnosed with meneire's, but it's an anticholinergic, so caused all kinds of problems for me too.

I take very low dose valium now and don't have nearly the problems. Like I'm on 1/2 mg right now, which is pretty much an infant dose. But it has worked better than anything else I have ever tried. Knock on wood... :) morgan

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I used to take either Meclizine or Dramamine for my Meniere's. My biggest problem was always the sleepiness. If I take 2 Dramamine before a flight, I'm out the entire trip, with my head lolling and drooling on my neighbors. Not a pretty sight. I can only tolerate small doses.



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