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I Survived My Uk Trip


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To make a long story short:

bulk head seating was somewhat helpful in that after the 4th hour, I raised my legs (without shoes on) straight up and slouched down in my seat as far as I could. I truly contemplated leaving my seat and laying in the aisle because I felt so poorly. Somehow, I survived, but was very uncomfortable. I asked for the bulkhead seat 24 hours in advance due to health. I did not require a doctor's note for USAirways.

envoy (or first class) seating - I managed to get an upgrade to envoy class for the return flight. There were not any upgrade seats available for the original flight. The airline determines how many seats are available for upgrade and frequent flyers with mucho miles get first dibs.

Envoy seating is the way to go. If only I were rich. With this seating, you can recline and feel much better. I will try to get this if I can afford it.

Wore support hose during the flight and during sightseeing. I am not sure if this helped, but I do it anyway. Usually, I don't wear them.

Drank, drank, drank and carried water everywhere.

I LOVE my new seat cane. It went everywhere I did and I used it extensively. Thanks to suggesting it:I saw the idea on another post.

My irritable bowel worsened after the trip because of my poor self-control. I basically ate everything the airline handed to me in first class. Put food in front of me and I'm a sucker. I'll eat it. Trouble is, I normally do not eat many of the foods I was given. But, oh what fun it is to eat. So, I expected my bowels to act up. They did. Jet lag doesn't help the situation.

I despised the customs at the Manchester UK airport. I didn't have my seat cane yet. Not sure the luggage had been picked up? And they expected me to stand and wait in line to see the official. At these instances, I'll wing it. I'll let my husband stand while I sit and wait somewhere, anywhere. I did not see accomodation for disabled people, but, I didn't ask either.

I fatigued faster then my normal relatives, but that is to be expected. I pretty much did everything using my own judgement as to how to manage.

Getting there on an overnight 9hr flight was tough. I did fit in a 2 1/2 hour nap during the day, then conked out cold that night. By next day, I was on UK time. The second day I felt rough but expected it.

For the entire trip I planned ahead to allow for some down time for recovery after the flight and after sightseeing.

All in all, I prefer being home in my own surroundings where I know where everything is and I'm not stressed out about stuff. I prefer consistancy and regularity so traveling is not for me now that I'm disabled, but......

my husband is not disabled and he likes to do things and go places. So, I do what I can. I manage. I pray.

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Thanks, Futurehope. You give me hope I can do my big UK trip I want more than anything someday.

I'm trying to do more and get out more. My recent symptoms seem to be a body pains after overdoing it, but you learn to cope.

So glad the Seat Cane worked. Did they let you take it into museums and such? I think that'd be a big help for lines!

Did you do all the fun touristy stuff? How fun of a trip!

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Cat Lady,

In most places the seat cane was no problem. They did want to take it from me at Buckingham Palace but I told them I cannot stand and I needed it and they let me keep it with me.

Many touristy places tend to have seats somewhere, but just in case, I had it with me and used it very frequently.

Even the tour guide on our tour took hers with her and used it when talking to us sometimes.

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