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  1. Hello noticed you said some studies show link between autonomic dysfunction and coronary artery spasms, where did you see this?  Look forward to hearing from you!



  2. I've used Catapres/clonidine for many years. One of the most helpful drugs that I've taken. For people with autonomic neuropathy as at least a partial cause of their POTS, it seems to actually promote some vaso-constriction. In effect, I can say that it helped even out my blood pressure. Not nearly so many extremely high spikes. I do need to take a beta blocker as well to keep my heart rate down and my blood pressure a little more evened out. This all makes me tend to run very low...but while I'm still very orthostatic, I feel better being orthostatic with a lower blood pressure than I d
  3. One glass of wine can ease angina/cluster headaches for me. That said, I can feel the alcoholic effects of just that one glass. No tolerance. Very cheap drunk/date. Two glasses of wine when I'm feeling fairly decent can definitely cause slight to moderate enebriation. Not always a bad thing...hey, is it so bad to not mind feeling crummy every now and then?
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