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Anyone Get A 'headache' Feeling In Their Neck?


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I know that sounds stupid, but it is the best way for me to describe the pain in my neck.

I have read what others have written about coat hanger pain, and it does not feel like that - it doesnt feel muscular in any way. It feels like a headache in my neck, but deep inside, almost like it would be in my spine somewhere. But then it also spreads up to the back left side of my head - like a little ball of pressure is sitting there. Almost as if if I had a disc bulge or something, and also with a feeling of pressure, but I had a cervical MRI done a few years back and also a plain cervical x ray a few months ago and both came back all clear. Neuro checked brain MRI and said fine.

This is the same neck ache that I had a year ago when I first got really sick, then it gradually got better as I did, but now it is back and I feel terrible again - weak, tachy, no appetite but very thirsty, tingling face and I feel like I am followed around by this horrible "anxious / something bad is going to happen any minute" feeling - yuk!

I have been taking Dihydergot the last 3 or 4 weeks (a vasoconstrictor) and I am wondering if this could be what is causing this? Even though this med is supposed to help?

Just wondering if anyone experiences anything similar or knows what it may be?

I also just wanted to add that it feels a lot like when I had a sinus infection a few months ago - when I walk every step I take just pounds through my neck and head, and I have itchy eyes and burning up my nose - almost like a cold is brewing but nothing ever eventuates and my nose is not runny etc.

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Yes, I get the same kind of pain and I'm waiting to do a CT scan to see if there's something going on - can't do an MRI due to my pacer. My pain is right at the base of my skull, and down into my upper neck. The pain gets so severe that sometimes I have to take a pain killer (prescription) to get rid of it. It's frustrating, isn't it? Hope you figure out the best way to deal with it. If you do, let me know!


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