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My test results are back...


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Hi all, thanks for coaching me through waiting patiently (or not so patiently! :P )

First: my urine analysis was NOT normal as I was told by the nurse last week. While it was negative for bacteria, I have high specific gravity, protein, white blood cells, and the ph was way off. I've either got a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone. I think it's an infection--it fits the profile better, and I've developed really bad night sweats the past few weeks, which I seem to always get when bacteria are staging a bodily war with me (sinus, bladder, lungs, doesn't seem to matter, my body is consistent with a few things and night sweats is one of 'em!).

So, a course of antibiotics AGAIN. The drug store was out of stock of what I need (a very limited list due to drug allergies), so I have to wait 'til tomorrow night. If I still don't feel better, they'll take a cather urine catch to make sure it's "clean"...

Waiting to hear from the doc about what was wrong with my ultrasound--I'm guessing it was a cyst or fribroid. I'll find out more tomorrow, we kept missing each other with our phone calls.

So, that's today's scoop. Hoping the antibiotics really do the trick because the backache has been getting unbearable--waking me up at night.

Again, thanks for holding my hand the past few weeks. I needed it! Now I feel better to know, first, I was right to go to the doctor when I hit my four day rule (newbies, I have a rule for myself that abnormal things for me only go on 4 days before go to the doctor--so far, it's panned out well--most of my ANS weirdness disappears before 4 days). Second, it's good to know that at least the first priority, the infection, has a pretty simple solution.

All in all, a good day :) Nina

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Dear Nina, I'm glad you finally got some of your answers. :P I've had both gallbladder stone and kidney stones, Personally I would rather have the gall bladder trouble ( had mine out 6-22-97) and I still have trouble as I form stones that travel down the duct and "irretate" it. I hope you start to feel better.


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BW, I also have not had a gallbladder since 9/5/95, but have continuing problems with the sphincter of odi--they believe it has the same problems with loss of tone that ailed my gallbladder. Never had a stone in it, just basically lost all function. I think my faulty ANS is the culprit.

I already asked the pharamacy what time they get their delivery--not 'til the afternoon :( so my relief will have to wait 'til tomorrow night 'cause I can't get to the pharmacy until after work. You are SO right, this patience thing is WAY over rated!!!! :P

Impatient, but still smiling... :) ... kind of ;) Nina

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Mighty Mouse:

Interesting because I have the same problem. I still have my gallbladder, but have been diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia (related to Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction). Interesting that this too may be related to the problems with the autonomic nervous system. I just wish I could find a doctor to tie all of these problems together. They all seem to take their system that they specialize in and don't see any connections between the other problems going on in other parts of the body.

I hope you are on the road to feeling better!!


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