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Dr. Fouad

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Just wondering if anyone has seen Dr Fouad at the Cleveland Clinic and what results they have gotten from her. I am scheduled to see her on July 28th and would like some input if at all possible. Thank you.

Desiree :)

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I agree with Mary - she is very nice and understands the condition and does the tilt tables there. However, you will need a local doctor that can follow her instructions, as it's hard to call up there to speak to her nurse or somebody else.

Be sure and ask for an IV after testing as they don't give it to you unless you ask (or get sick after you leave). I had to go into the hospital after my tilt because of pooling, etc. just to get an IV that I really needed immediately after the testing.

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hello desiree,

returned from the cleveland clinic just today... a vast bustling place...

met with dr. fouad twice. initially, i found her off putting. she was brusque, factual and intent on

establishing a timeline and chronology. i wanted to tell my story, to be heard--- and to focus primarily on my current symptoms...

she spent the majority of the visit discussing the onset of my illness... (seven years ago) however, i now understand her reasoning and

her desire to qualify and quantify my history. in retrospect, i should have made a timeline and been better prepared for the meeting.

i simply began to elaborate on my symptoms and to give examples of how and when... she wanted concrete dates and times...

the second meeting was a review and evaluation post testing. (TTT, stress echo, blood flow/hemodynamics)

this time dr. fouad was expansive, informative---intent on educating us and sharing her findings (my husband accompanied me to the appointment)...

she does not think that i have POTS. she diagnosed: stage I diastolic dysfunction; postural venous pooling; (probable) IST; low blood flow; situational dysautonomia

(sitting/standing); overactive vagal response... final report next week. as was noted in an earlier post: you must follow up with a local health care provider...

without a doubt--she is highly knowledgeable, articulate, committed and caring. time after time, during my visit, staffers commented

that i was fortunate to have her as a doctor. i now concur. you are in excellent hands....

i hope that cleveland provides good answers and workable solutions for you.

with all of my best,


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I ultimately found my experience useful, but was a bit frustrated by what struck me as a certain reluctance to talk about ans symptoms OTHER than lightheadedness/tachy. I'm not sure that we managed to get on the same page, interpersonally. That said, the diagnostic testing and treatment recommendations were helpful.

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