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  1. Jangle, that is great news!! A dream come true. You will be one of the best!! Blessings to you.
  2. Clonidine and Klonopin is the best for me, but start clonidine very slowly. Good luck!!
  3. Hi tpots, So sorry you have gone through this misery. Yes, I have had this kind of verdigo many times through the years. Having to not turn my head and lay in one position for many hours. Drinking a lot and getting rest, but trying to move enough to keep up some strength helps to keep this vertigo under control. I stay away from the ER, because they would make me sicker. Medication has made me very sick in the past. For me, waiting it out has been the best medicine. Your are not along. I care, Mary
  4. So sorry your are having such a hard time. The reality of this illness is just hard to think about. Being able to walk 6 steps, is exactly where I was at the same age. This is going to get better!! Much love, Mary
  5. Dinet is like being home for Dysautonomia. It still makes me tear when I read the posts, because I know what they are feeling. There is always hope!! You will get lots of help here. So sorry you have been through so much. Hope you find a good doctor soon.
  6. Most of 10 years, but after seeing Dr.Coglan, my life was back to almost normal. There has been backslides.but I work hard and start to feel better again.
  7. I say OK most of the time, but sometimes " ruff ". Keeping it simple always.
  8. I was told many years ago that the TTT must be given in the morning with an empty stomach or the test will not be true. Some of the TTTs are done all day long. Most of us are much sicker in the morning. .Hope you get better soon.
  9. My doctor at the Cleveland clinic told me to lay down directly after exercise for 20 min. and eat a salty snack and drink before and after. Take it slow and gradualiy increase to 30 min. three times a week. Everyday is the best. Maybe you can lay in your car before you get dizzy. I am always dizzy while laying. Good luck!
  10. When I have been on my feet too long, my face has a numb-like feeling. Not very pleasant! Hope you find answers and a way to get better. Boot camp sounds good.
  11. Made my stomach hurt, but for sum a very good medication. Hope you are one of those!
  12. When I was sicker, car sickness was awful, but now it rarely happens. I had to travel a long way many times before getting better and I would keep peppermint in my mouth all the time while in the car. Your not alone!
  13. No matter how down you are, never forget that I care so very much. We are a family here. Love, Mary
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