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Just Checking In.

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I WAS VERY SICK FROM 8/04 TO 5/07 I THOUGHT i was never going to get a break. I'm not posting to brag but to give hope. If everything stays well for the next year I might have my 4th baby.

I do still have Alot of anxiety but that i might deal with that for life. I won my ssi case due to autonomonic neuropathy and and anxiety.

so please pray and know your never alone.if anyone ever needs to talk pm me

love to all


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thank you for posting your news--it is always heartening for me to read stories and updates

that speak of wellness and improvement.

wishing you good health and contentment.


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I'm so glad to see someone on this forum that is improving. Could you give us a brief summary as to how you were able to progress? Do you believe it was time, exercise, meds, or a combination of all. I am so curious as to your story because the doctors says I will get better the process is so slow that I'm starting to wonder if it will ever happen. Do you still have bad days? Can you do anything exercise you want without having setback? Sorry for all the questions but I would just like to hear the steps you went through to acheive your health.


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