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Weight And Issues

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Hello All....i seem to be having an issue here..

I get blood pooling in my stomuch...so I eat and that seems to make the pain and bloatedness to go away....only for it to happen again...so as i result i am eating more often then i should... but eating seems to be what makes the pain in my stomach pain to go away .

Should I feel guilty about gaining?

Any idea how i can make the tummy pain stop?

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I'd recommend that you eat if it helps the pain. I have a similar problem regarding my stomach and I make sure I abide to a strict schedule of eating something every 2-3 hours. (Sometimes more often then that) As long as food is in my stomach, I'm not in pain, or nauseous, so it's easy enough to just keep my stomach full. (I think this may be due to faster than normal gastric emptying, but I'm too chicken to get that tested.)

Eat things that are healthy for you in order to not gain weight. I eat nuts, yogurt, applesauce and pretzels for snacks and they keep me pretty sated. Protein keeps me fuller longer than carbs as does fiber, so try to plan the meals accordingly, and never ever let yourself get to the point of pain!


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I think it's always best to eat several small meals throughout the day, but make sure you're eating the appropriate kind of food, like Delphic Dragon recommended. There are websites where you go plug in your height and your desired weight to find out how many calories you should be eating a day, depending on your activity level. With a little bit of effort, you can track your calories per day and make sure you stay within your range. Any exercise, even from the bed or chair also helps. If you'd like the name of a great website, PM me.

The other concern would be something like celiac disease. You might want to make an appointment with your gastro guy just to rule out other stomach issues that may also be going on. I know several of us with indigestion disorders that they can treat and feel better.

Hope this helps!

Take care, Jana

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My gi doc put me on a gluten free diet, which I was loosely following before seeing him. I simply got stricter after seeing him. I also have had trouble with packing on pounds... but I know it's b/c of the choices of food I've eaten being too high in fat and calories...and also that I was not doing any exercise for a while due to pain and infections.

Now that my infection is cleared (sinus and ears) and I'm feeling a bit better, I've started back on my exercise plan. Initially, I did about 8 minutes at a time on my recumbent bike, and pedaled very slowly. I also did a core strength DVD that's all done lying down or on knees or side, and is only about 15 minutes long. Killed me the first days but today, I was able to ride the recumbent for 20 minutes.

Eating, well, choosing lower calorie, high nutrition, high fiber--fresh veggies, fresh fruit. I started making my own cold cereal out of plain oats, a handful of almonds and a few pieces of dried fruit. I snack on brown rice crackers, high fiber tasty crackers called "Mary's Gone Crackers" (dee-lish). I eat low fat hummus, salad with home-made dressing only so I know what's in it fat-wise. When my salt levels are low, I love to eat pickles or baked tortilla chips, baked potato chips, etc...

I've been so stressed out the past few months with so many family members facing their own health hurdles -- the stress and worrying makes it easier to pack on pounds. I talked to my doctor about my weight gain, and she basically said to stop making myself feel bad about the pounds and that when my life settled a bit, we could focus on it again. I'm finally at a place where I can calm down and focus, hence, I'm back on the better eating, better sleeping, better exercise plan. I know it's going to take a long time to drop pounds--age is not my friend.

If eating makes you feel better belly-wise, do it! just be careful about WHAT you eat, not when you eat.

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