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  1. i have been on a holter and a 30 day monitor but it just caught the same pvcs and bigeminy that the ER docs seen and my cardio seen and said was benign
  2. Sometimes when I am standing I have many pvcs bigeminy and palps but the odd thing is it happens Alot when I lie down..its really scary at times with how hard it kicks me...any ideas?
  3. thanks for all the help guys, i will try some of your ideas ...basically the pain is like i've swallowed something very big and heavy...say like a bowling ball
  4. Hello All....i seem to be having an issue here.. I get blood pooling in my stomuch...so I eat and that seems to make the pain and bloatedness to go away....only for it to happen again...so as i result i am eating more often then i should... but eating seems to be what makes the pain in my stomach pain to go away . Should I feel guilty about gaining? Any idea how i can make the tummy pain stop?
  5. 1. Some helps too much puts me on edge and makes me snappy 2. Not really sure how to reply 3. my hands and feet are alil red and splotchy normally...but if i stand alot they go clamy and blue ><
  6. I cant nap due to rapid heartbeats/ pvcs when I lay down.
  7. Sometimes mostly at night , i get headaches and brain fog...and it leads to me being short with people and they dont understand it and think its cause i am sleepy which Is Not the case ....I guess I am just venting here but anyone have any ideas?
  8. I have urinary issues from my pots....i get leaks after going , and sometimes i wont finish going and my body will stop...only to start again with NO warning...fun stuff , this POTS...
  9. The most worrisome one for me...is the pvcs i get whenever i lay down ><
  10. So can I ask...is it a pretty certain thing that i have POTS?
  11. Thanks...mine had 130 and stayed there for at least ten minutes during my TTT...my hands and feet turned blue ...
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