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Had My Ttt Today

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Had the test today it was such fun....yeah, 12 ekg leads, had to have my chest shaved, strapped to a table, lied flat for 20 mins then left at 70 degrees for 45 mins, oh and the iv line pumping saline in me, at least they decided i didnt need isoprile or nitro. First my palps started then the neck/head pain, after that was the dizziness and then my hands started to turn blue o.o . When it was all done...my HR had went from a baseline of 70 up to 125 , and at one point my bp was 137/47 , at another it was 105/50 . So thats my story of the test today.

The result...I have Postural Othrostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS like I suspected.

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Well I would like to officially welcome you to the wonderful world of POTS. Wouldn't it be great if tilt tables were as fun as tilt-a-whirl rides? ;)

I'm glad you have a definative diagnosis, and hope you and your doctors will come up with a plan that works for you.


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Do you have an appointment lined up with your cardiologist? Is he/she familiar with POTS? If not, you should look into changing to a cardiologist who knows about the disease and how best to treat YOU. There are several doctors listed on the site here, and depending on where you live, there are certainly others, too. Mayo Clinic is a great place, and they'll perform specialized tests to determine more about your unique situation.

Usually, the first things tried are compression hose (up to your waist is best), eating a TON of salt, drinking a lot of water and electrolytes (Gatorade, etc), and trying two medications: Florinef and Midodrine to regulate your BP. You can look up both of these drugs under Web MD under 'drugs'. Also, many people are on beta-blockers. It's a trial and error process to find out what will work best for you.

Please let me know if you have further questions. You can PM me if you'd like. Take good care of yourself, and get the best care you can afford as they figure out more about your condition.



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I have a question though...how will they determine what treatment I need and all of that ?

Im new on here too....I was diagnosed after my TTT back in March. I am trying med #5 today....I really feel like a lab mouse trying all these meds but I will keep going till I find one that works for me! It seems to be an ongoing battle, 1 makes me more dizzy and sleepy, 1 makes my chest hurt all of the time, 1 had me running to the restroom (while my chest hurt) all of the time.....I feel like a complainer when I call back with a med update to my cardio.....

Then, lets not even get started on the info the short term disability company wants! They seem to graciously extend my claim for 5 days after my next upcoming follow up appt, but want more and more info each time....this time they want ANOTHER 24hr holter done (since my last one was done in march) and they want my Dr to give them a PROGNOSIS.......I bit my tongue, but felt like telling her, so do I!.......

Good Luck! Keep trying the meds!


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