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Blood Pressure Variations - Do Some Of You Have Very Varied Bp?


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My BP fluctuates significantly. It can read from 90s/60s to 130s/90s. I am on Midodrine, which raises it in the morning and my EP said he wasn't concerned with readings 140/95 or below as I need to increase my blood volume in the AM.

It's usually 120s/80s after my 10MG + a bit of coffee in the morning (I've done experiments with and w/out coffee in the AM and I am better with it).

Today it was 135/95 then it was 129/89 before I left. Not great, but not horrible.

I do feel dizzy, nauseous, etc. more than usual today. But I am much more tachy today, too (got to 160 walking to work - horrid!) and is 90s sitting. Usually 130s walking in AM/80s sitting.

I've researched online and symptoms of high BP are vague...most people don't notice anything. So I'm wondering if my symptoms are just overall POTS related today since I'm having such a flare-up. I've been in 130s/90s before and felt 'ok' - nothing too abnormal especially since the Midodrine wears off and it goes down. And it's been 3+ hours since I took it, so I think it is probably minimal in my system right now.


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My BP is all over the place as well. In all the years before i got diagnosed with PoTS i always thought that my BP is making me feel so bad and so weired. After i got diagnosed with POTS in 2007 everything fell into a different picture. I stayed in the hospital for several weeks and my BP got tested all the time in different situations my BP rates were from 110/75 to 170/130! But it never really made much difference to me symptoms wise. Sometimes when i felt really bad and i thought that my BP was high, it ended up being more low and at other times i thought it was low but then it turned aout being high. In my case my symptoms and me feeling bad

is more an autonomic thing and not so much a BP thing.


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