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National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week,


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National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week, September 20-26, 2004.

I received permission from my manager and hospital to post a bulletin board and flyers for this very important event. It's important to get the word out :)

Here is the back of the t-shirt from rest ministries advocacy pkg.



Be patient when I can?t explain myself * Stick around. Illness gets lonely * Do laundry * Recognize my pain hurts, even though it may not be as bad as some people?s * Just listen * Refrain from sharing farfetched cures. I?ve heard them all. * Don?t get upset when I cancel plans * Loan me good books you?ve read or CD?s that have encouraged you. * Believe the illness exists * Don?t say, ?snap out of it!? * Yes, I know my illness is caused by stress. * When you don?t know what to say, just tell me you care. * I know I look good, but looks can be deceptive * Remember me in your prayers. * Tell me I?m doing a great job of coping. * Remember my whole family is effected by my illness. * Don?t be afraid to share the challenges going on in your life too. They are important to me. * No, you won?t catch it. * Take the elevator with me. * Understand God heals in His timing. * Keep me laughing. * My immune system is very fragile. Please wait until you are completely well before you visit. * Share how you stay encouraged during difficult times. * Understand that though your ?normal? and my ?normal? will never be the same but we can still be friends. * Try not to tell me, ?everything will be just fine.? * Give gentle hugs. * Ask me to go do things with you. I won?t always be able to go, but I still want to be included * Sometimes I want to talk, sometimes not. * Tell me how I can encourage you. I don?t want it to be all about me. * Basics, like errands or help cleaning, mean more than you will ever know * Remember that silly things like the weather significantly can change my pain level. * I don?t expect you to fix it, just hang in there with me. * Know you mean the world to me, even when I don?t say it.

I've also enjoyed reading some of the excerpts from this website, Sherri is very inspirational.


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Guest Julia59

She is Ozzie Osbourne's wife. He a heavy metal rock singer. Actually I have heard some of his slower songs too----he actually has a beautiful voice.

I love all music---most of it anyway. I'm not a big country music fan---sorry for those of you who are. My dad likes country music. I love classical---rock----Jazz.

Anyway---Sharon Ozbourne is a Colon Cancer survivor. I love her show too---she's seems like a genuinely humble person.

Julie :0)

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