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  1. I work at a hospital somedays doing registration so I was one of the few at the moment in our county and state to be able to recieve the H1N1...I recieved mine a couple weeks ago and I am doing great, no problems at all... I will keep you all posted if I experiance some difficulty, but so far all is well.
  2. Hey this was a great idea. I am adding my own #10. I feel that knowing what doctor worked for you might help others. I had a heck of a time finding a doctor that did anything for me. Shelby 1. Name: Shelby Johnston 2. Age: 23 3. Dx: NCS, NMH, Fibromyalgia, 4. Age at dx.: 17 5. Where you live: Laurens, Iowa (small town 45 minutes from the Okoboji Area) 6. Symptoms at worst: I am homebound when my symptoms are at there worst. I get so weak I have to be carried to bed. My head aches. I get extremely hot. Naueseated. Dizzy. I have palpatation of the heart. I go blank. I can' t think of
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